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heh, big electric motor to run the blower
i think thats called a smoke machine

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blackmoon: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Mini-Burst-Vv-Vw-Mod-18350-Kit-APV-eVic-Zmax-proVari-Chi-You-Mod-V2-RSST-ego-/00/s/NTMzWDgwMA==/z/paEAAMXQfvlShZVV/$_3.JPG
the simple ones are like 5 pin micros
led, button, maybe adc for battery level

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get an ego-c and try unflavored 50/50 PG/VG blend before you have opinions
get it strong
like 15 or 18 mg/ml
at the right dose you just dont give a shit about cigs
if you like it, get extra batteries
plan to lose and break them
have extra juice, i would just get unflavored stuff in bulk
yes and no
the juice costs me like $5/month
and ive had the same hardware for almost a year
maybe $150 total investment if youre smart
but if you get mad little bottles of flavored juice, break and lose your batteries or whole ecigs all the time, it can get pricey
if you want to fuck with shit or go nuts modding, it can get pricey too

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fuck science
get further with voodoo and alchemy

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sculptor: damn thats one of those, why didnt i...
most sheep dont have cnc routers

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