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then why does it shut down at max current? =(
off topic but cool anyway ^
id totally take my BMX cruiser down the corkscrew

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but i dont think max rpm will be affected much
oh like it just shuts down? it doesnt limit/regulate?
yeah then i imagine if you load it enough that it starts slow, youll trip the shutdown
but normal loading in your application its maybe okay
if its a fixed load and you can monitor and maintain, i would try
if its for something with a variable load, would think about it harder
you can try a soft start circuit
like in power supplies to keep caps from tripping breakers
sometimes a series NTC is enough
yeah but at lower rpm it appears less inductive and it pulls more current, so more torque

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i should sell some shit
because they make more torque loaded up, pulling more current, no?
itll stall easier, i would think
im not sure but i think the hp ratings are basically max from standstill
when its not moving and its dumping current, so if you limit that it wont be able to turn over from standstill as well

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ha neat

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you can dissassemble anything
you basically need the binary firmware and something that understands opcodes for the chip, and how it initializes
so first step would probably be to find out what chip is being used, then to research debug tools for that chip
if the disassembler knows how the chip starts spinning, it should be able to block out the code and the data

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