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its an unloaded machine

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sideways on a rack and pinion seems bad
gut feeling
you cant split the gear like you can a leadscrew nut, to put tension in both directions
you can put downwards tension to reduce slop, but i dont think thats going to reduce backlash from tooth where during direction change
right im assuming it needs to have symetric properties
just use software comp
yeah kinda
yeah backlash nuts for that is easy
few diff solutions
thatll work
everything will be flat sheet, no?
you could just do something manual
a quick lift for moving work easy would be cool
yeah but maybe its sheet with hardware attached

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ar the gears straight or angled
if theyre straight i think youre kinda fucked
you can reduce slop
but putting tension on the rack or gear in one direction seems bad

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so its not broken!

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i should buy one of those ethernet base stations
i have to wave my phone around in the air to get texts out
1st time?
sometimes projects are that important, gotta run it at 400%
macegr: be nice to them, they have a real machine

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guys soo cold
yeah fuck moving soon, this place is built for summers
its prob 70F outside but its prob like 55F inside, because tile
65F outside
nights are going to be back above 40F tho \o/
its rough yo
i guess i could have done that but i was mostly kicking it in a tshirt and boxers

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omg she uses her microwave and the wifi drops completely
rab: its bluetooth?

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srs, you should be looking for chicks with their own abodes
thats the only way to test

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fucking latency im typing blind, <3 those phonetic typos tho
and yeah that foam house is neat
zeeshan: because they are waiting for the steppers to get to them, from china
my guess is he had his lady friend that time

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vam would make an axellent sound isolation chamber
or box truck

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man fuck this wifi

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