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fuck maybe
soundcloud is broken

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you typically never want to run a PSU at its max output
yeah fuck all that, especially on an inductive load
2x what you need is a pretty good selection
its not even about source, protection circuits are usually temp dependent in context of their thresholds
so you figure +/1 5% and youre going to be actively into the things protection at some point
yeah you did it right
er, +/1 5%
if youre lucky 8A isnt when some internal fuse blows
and it actually has protect circuits
like, using one PSU, it might be fine forever, or it might just shut down every other day in the summer

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ya =\
20x is for like pulling out something stuck under a qfp pin
its not useless but you wont use it much
rab: does the scope have a zoom?
most ive used do, but i dont know if zoomed in is max or not
yeah, that sounds right for the range ive used, with 10x lenses

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$50 sounds good

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hopefully theyre not as expensive and rare as they are good =\

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thats cool/sucks

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not if its the size of a hair
guitar pickups are measured in henries, no uH, no mH, just henries, and their coils are like 2000 - 4000 turns of 32 awg wire
its not that powerful, so you need to have a ton of turns to make up for it, which requires a lot of wire
take a nail and wrap a wire around it like 200 times
not kidding
see if that does something
yeah if youre trying to pick up more than paperclips youre going about this the wrong way
heh, never thought about shorting material on something like that
naw i bet 200 turns around a nail picks up a lot of paperclips
well, little paperclips
tripping thermal breakers on a transformer is rarely a long term situation

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21:05:58 < oddie> does resistors handling 12-13 amps even exist?
800V, 1.5kA
was what we used at exjob

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