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99% alc helps a bit

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i have a 1/4hp motor
itll do steel but you have to get speeds and feeds right and you wont be cutting deep
the belt will slip before the motor stalls, if the motor isnt cold

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synth: for its weight its an anomoly
doing steel is a bit touchy, but itll fly through 6061 aluminum

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like, if you need a turning valve part thats threaded at the end that needs grooves for orings and has a 1.5deg tapered section
then yeah, you prob want a lathe
but youre probably still going to need a mill to cross drill or slot a channel into it or whatever
like, if you have a lathe, youre going to want a mill too

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usually when you need a lathe, you know *exactly* why, like you have a specific application
like, youre a gunsmith, or you rebuild engine accessories, or you make pens

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you can buy bushings

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i do
its sitting in storage 100 miles away for a couple weeks =\
same machine it was when i got it
yeah perfect for that
if you dont know which get a mill
when you want a lathe youll know
you can do some small lathe tasks on a mill
not really but kinda
like you can turn a bushing, but dont plan on center drilling it

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