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blackmoon: haha, prob russian post office

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wtf dont be mean to gpf
takin up all sorts of scroll
of all the people to troll, heh

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why cant they be normal machined slots why are they like that
they cant have a radiused end?
that would be cheaper/easier

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you have to make the mfkr aware and make sure hes not an idiot
and you have to have some sort of comm system
blackmoon: pumping the water out of a dam is probably not possible, and even if it is, what if the drain system is the thing thats fucked
like water tower thing, they should have pumped the water in there out
but then you need a holding tank
the pool thing is like, dont be doing shit alone

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this generally makes you untrustworthy

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least they told me how to save the divers

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ag|: man this video, major buzz kill

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