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and broken terminal boards is a great way to blow 30 minutes of R&D time

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anyway, when youre in series with a two ohm reactive load, a wobbly mechanical connection leads to fires, vaporized terminals
because you would need to solder onto the terminal block, than
i dont mind solderpads on 2oz 0.1" FR4
but its not great for manufacturing
those spring terminals they put on bigass subwoofers, with tinned wire ends, seem to work well enough
i dont trust them completely, but theyre used and the wire doesnt fall out
might break where the tinned section ends
rab: again, works but not quick to assemble
expensive fastones are a decent solution for low power systems, but no one buys the expensive ones
they buy what the chinafactory uses
anyway, fastones work 99% of the time, but in design phase ive seen bunch of vaporized terminals

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yeah fuck those
they still go intermittent enough to be resistive, and they lead to breaking the terminal blocks on the speaker frame
the amp/tyco ones are decent, and i dont believe feature the latch tab, least not the good ones ive used
most female fastons needs to be closed manually with pliers after removal to reconnect well
some need to be fixed before using them the first time
add to the issue there isnt really a standard thickness (i dont mean width, and truth is there is at least three standard thicknesses)
even the amp/tyco ones need to be reworked after several uses
anyway, the best solution, for speakers at least, is replacing the cheap fiberboards with punch mounted male fastons with thick FR4 PCB and a decent friction fit connector
and some glue to keep it in place (standard manufacturing practice)

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funny how 'american terminal' insulated fastons look exactly like standard issue china fastons
fastons are a huge failure point in speaker systems, btw

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