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yeah i hate that
uart works
looks kinda neat
$400 =\

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i missed it
because landlady was using microwave

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rockit is still smoking
wtf is macetex
you changed the name
i like the new direction you are taking
in like 2 min....
nasa is slow

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someones running out there with a bic

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dunno the discs look fragile
well i think i want to sell both these bikes
i want to sell the bomshell steel/CF fork because its light but not that light
and the CF shattering scares me
and i want to sell the 6061 frame because i cant fit 0.75" tires on the rear
er 1.75"
they barely fit
were talking mm clearance
because all 1.75 tires are towards 1.9
yeah that does it

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should be able to loock up brakes with like 1/3 of the levers moving range
thats how i like mine
when it takes like 2/3, i adjust the little adjuster on the brake lever, when thats half unscrewed, i adjust the rears
dunno i always bought as a set w/lever included
yeah both my bikes have two finger levers
vrooom: i want to but i would never put them on my bikes, whole point of bmx (imo) is higher reliability components
like shit you can drop off a rock cliff

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the horshoe looking brakes suck
i like those
i put spring tension to max on both sides, usually they balance, or one needs like a half turn
but yeah, easy to adjust

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yeah euro style is two on each side, thicker housing, but smaller balls
anyway, bbl, need to restock freezer
oh, yeah that looks like euro style bmx
yeah mine have those
yeah thats diff

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euro uses two smaller bearings on each side, instead of one big one
so i figure when im pushing hard, all the weight is on the one end bearing
oh weird
bmx stuff is different
thats kind of like euro style, thread in, but only with on bearing
like, the bearings are inside the threaded section on bmx threaded bottom brackets
no outside and larger like that
two on each side?

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blackmoon: that sucks
i killed all the bearings in my bikes bottom bracket, had to pedal backwards as much as forwards to get it home without it siezing up
new bearings are starting to tick
i should lose weight =\
no more euro style bottom brackets
naw, sealed bearings

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cool sweetwater called about the volca beats
calling back now
theyre getting them by the truckload, i might be able to get one in a few weeks
heh, getting the bass was too easy
i dont even remember if i already paid them or not
ha volca keys is in stock

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that shit at frys is silly
.05 pitch?
can you get dips into the holes?

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for perfboard?
i think its the nice FR4 through hole stuff usually
i get the unclad perf (no pads) and dead bug shit, its kinda reasonably priced
its a little piece

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i wonder if dominos will deliver to new canyon home
located outside the delivery service boundary offered by the nearby stores.
^ not for me

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would have guessed at least double those prices
oh, yeah if its for a project get whatever
damn its 1:00 already?
schedule officially skewed

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rcall wait ;Finely-tuned debouncing delay
yeah looks fine to me, nothing confusing, props on super clean style
mr_roboto: i dont know if they sell bosch stuff?
ha, under 100 items, curious...
just sense stuff, looks like
mr_roboto: go to #cars, ask rydawg, lennynero, or tekviper where to buy
nice, digikey ones are cheap
mr_roboto: is for hax or to replace something?

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so far looks fine

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want, is (was?) at a little canyon gallery, $700
yeah kinda
honestly its the shoes that did it for me
id pay $400 but i dont have $400 anymore
okay but i havent coded anything in least couple years
In actuality the
;display counts from 4 to 63, so all 6 LEDs are on for the last second
;of the minute.
heheh, cool

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buy some sort of plastic dish, cut ring out, glue LEDs, win
so white anodized aluminum would be awesome but where do you get that
sounds like moar art
cant you just get someone to send a sample
speaking of art

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damn i forgot my pasticio leftovers at friends place
itll break
i think you just make trapezoids and solder or glue together
dead bug with bus wire
easily adjustable!
wire wrap
damn i got no food
00:37:35 <@Rab> Or, y'know, buy a bunch of chinese single pixel PCBs and arrange them on a concave surface.
i like that one

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want vid of your hand 3" in front of each element
tho for what youre doing there thats pretty sweet
heh flex proto runs prob min $300?
can your lpfk edge mill?
fuck art projects, cut it or buy it
fuck that that sounds like trying to mill <.010
ya i dont think its going to work out first try
or second

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RGB is prob neat to have
anyway, arent ring lights super cheap?
i would try and angle the RGB leds towards the work
instead of straight down
so you dont get the blocked elements problem
kills brightness
i think its just needed for the RGB
the white stuff would be fine straight down
just figure out what trapezoid for the angle you want, and solder the edges dead bug ham chassis style

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so it wasnt really necessary but i would probably do it like that again, in case i wanted time to add comm stuff
i need to get happy using c
taking a class this semester
every time i started a project in c, something about existing function libraries for peripherals would piss me off
and all the overhead would make me nervous, dont know if i have enough chip to do what i want
RGB is annoying if you need brightness
because the elements always bloch each other so color radiation is never the same
so you need lots of diffusion to not have patchy looking mixes
so you lose a ton of brightness
water clear lightpipes are kind of a joke even tho the industry seems happy with it

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lots of my coding style came from how i was doing synth stuff at the time
the DDS code is ridiculous simple, you just have to have space and mem for tuning work lookup and wave tables, then sample rate is just about how fast your code executes
i dont think the example code includes that
simplified application than what it was designed for, which was low speed DDS synthesis for color and throbbing of like five or six shiftbrites
yeah i didnt loop because i was going for speed and i had space
this was why i was big into avr asm, so easy to optimize for either
it adds a few because you have to jump back and count loops
if the code is large its a non issue, but if youre doing very small looping instructions, few opcodes, the looping overhead is very significant
anyway, i always had a fuckton of cpu time left over

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personal style for readability
unrolled loops because i was a whore for saving proc time and prob had the space
macros are how i do 'functional' coding without having to use jumps
macros is pre-processor
it just inserts the macro code block when you call it
jumps and calls are actual opcodes, so they take time and space
sometimes the problem with using a lot of macros is your code can become to long for rjumps to work
which is a problem with asm coding in general, but because macros can make huge code blocks look tiny, i ran into it more
i think both have limits because relative, i think packed into one opcode
haha fuck i cant believe i remember this shit

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hopefully kicad is better than it used to be

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