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the shit where they put the checkbox for mcaffee on the download page instead of the installer, totally fucked
why do you think they have to use tricks to get it installed?

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stomach flu = mad sucky
yesterday was really bad
like, i puked a bunch in my toilet, felt waaay better
so turn around to wash my face and end up puking all over the sink, guess i wasnt done

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wtf enyle
wtf 350w

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just1n: wtf is a crows foot
blackmoon: ^
oh man
using an impact on that seems very very bad
yeah i googled
seems like a great way to break your wrist =\
would be neat for a TV
ag|: it doesnt need to with the crows foot thing =\
but yeah 3ft of extension would prob make it safer in this case
which is scary shit
no he said extensions
like he had a train

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macegr: ha

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