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see everythings just fixing itself

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yeah sparks are bad

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okay so effectively the tone controls and output stage are in parallel with the 2nd stage tube and low side resistor
so if something is shorted, my guess would be EL84 input to R9, then it would clamp out the 2nd stage of the preamp and you would measure 0v across R19
jack3k3: so i agree, the EL84 may be bad

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unless we were in the 60s, then there would prob be a machine at the drug store to do it
this is with your scope or dmm?
make sure the scope isnt AC coupled

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anyway check R9 isnt fucked
if not, increase R8
try like 10K see if that makes a difference, up to like 100K
make sure its not because its open circuit
well if pin 3 has no voltage, it means its not drawing bias current
which means its either shorted out or the transformer or tube are open
the tube is the hardest to test

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what frequency are you using?
for the signal generator
see if low e and high e act different
just making sure your tone control isnt cutting it out
you dont have other EL84 to swap in?

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make sure R18 isnt too hot
do spit test
spit on finger, touch resistor, if it sizzles you need a bigger resistor
spit test = ~100C
haha, well kind, dont touch the terminals
anyway, thats a bit high
thats unloaded tho?
thats prob correct then, if you reattach the tone control network, it should drop the voltage some
if it drops out completely, prob is in your network
you can try putting signal into the preamp with the tone controls still disconnected, too
i would ramp very slowly and see what the output does

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ideally the output should float around 100VDC
you have a DMM?
yeah just put it from ground to pin 1
should be like ~120V
half the supply
oh it has labels, biased to 140V

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there should be huge gain on the second state
k nite
blackmoon: check out the resistor/pot network loading down stage two
jack3k3: are you measuring with the circuit off?
leave R18 connected
c7 and r10 should be disconnected

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09:11:59 < timecop> this is my fucking tax dollars at work
youre still a citizen?

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how the fuck are you going to make that
you dont draw things like theyre meant to be manufactured =(
yeah they keep telling me that

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that might be true
thats cool
thats the filament
theres kind of a central column, like a tube
if the orange thing is inside that, thats normal
the filament just heats up the plates, its supposed to get orange-white hot, visible in good lighting
but the screens/plates/grids should stay grey
when you turn lights off, plates will prob glow dull red, you prob see purple plasma blob around the elements
yes, exactly like that

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jack3k3: purple glow or purple spark?
pruple glow is normal if its dim, purple spark prob means voltage way too high
jack3k3: pretty sure 12ax7 you should only see orange at the very top of the tube
like, if the plates are glowing orange, you shit is about to melt
oh hmm
yeah i think those were more open
anyway, the plates shouldnt ever glow orange
in the dark you should notice a red heat, but dim, and def not orange
blue-purple glow in the dark is normal
if the lights are on and you see glow, something is wrong
tubes are so fucking wonky i cant believe we got to space with this shit

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i bet it sparks across the input terminals
prob make a cool noise
thats not that fast
thats 5 inches a second, on a 20tpm screw, thats 100hz
er tpi, and if your shit is 20 tpi, its not heavily loaded
the screw?
okay so like 5tpi, so 25Hz
your shit is broken or youre doing it wrong

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blackmoon: k thats not a bad point

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it should be required that bicyclists ride on the rightmost 1ft of the lane
hard to take 3ft rule serious in a lot of situation
yeah man if driving on roads is a privelege, bicycling on them is def a privelege
sculptor: your wheel stays in the right most 1ft of the lane
if you cant pull that off, no way you should be riding in traffic
if theres no road hazards, no rasons for bikes to be in the center of the lane
or in the left side of the lane
see that shit all the time, its bullshit
i have to idle behind a biker for like a half mile while they pretend to be a car
you should be as far right as possible
bike riders intentionally ride in the center to be in the way
to make a point
its bullshit
maybe but not usually
it depends how your shit deals with the pulses, and if theyre all the same its probably fine

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just use thread mills!
does the exhaust gasket matter that much?
how much backpressure does your shit need
ha did not consider that
that sucks

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i dont think zees machine is tough enough for one of those?
rly i dont know how big his spindle is, but most tap holder setups were huge tools
sculptor: yeah you need a machine with a reversable indexed spindle
and i dont think its a sane options for small taps
thread mills?
thread mills arent tap holders

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check units in config, make sure its actually using the encoders
oh this is for spindle speeds
ya man gl
tap holder?

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whatever its you rsetup
with stock livecd for emc2, and an atom based system, i was getting latency numbers higher than the best posted on their wiki\
latency numbers lower (better)
my shit was good, mofo
nv or nvidia?
dont use nvidia use the open source shit
ya sorry, my shit had integrated intel

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jack switches = evil
thats about the only acceptable use for them, fuckers always failing
we bought amphenol copies of neutrik combo jacks, and the switches constantly failed
and they make mil spec connectors
you can just use a normal jack and ignore that part
which the input resistor should do anyway
R25, 1M should be fine if the thing lives in a metal box

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same with guitar amp transducers
high efficiency with lots of breakup modes

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blackmoon: guitar amps kinda diff
because it doesnt sound loud until youre over driving the amp
so now the new thing is tiny amps that overdrive easily, so you dont have to piss off your neighbors to get your tone
jack3k3: i dont think he means a preamp
blackmoon: depends, alot of the time ya
i like a setup where you can overdrive and then filter
they soft clip
theyre more pleasant when over driven
so for high dynamics material, theyre great
ya pretty much
i like the tone
rat distortion pedals are solid state
its basically a LM386 with adjustable gain (Drive), into an LED clipper, into a JFET buffered filter, then adjustable jfet output
yeah a guitar amplifiers job is to distort

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none of that matter at audio frequencies and signal level, its fine
like 10W?
i kind of want to build a tube amp =\
haha, i like to troll my tube hacker audio engineer friend by telling him i want to do a 12ax7 preamp with opa2134 input and output buffers
hes just like WHY!?!??!

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hmm those shielded parts dont look like the filament they look like screens
i think the heater filaments are those things on the same network as the pilot lamp
they could have labeled that better
so yeah, use shielded coax
i like mogami stuff!
some of the cheaper shit has such an open braid its almost not a joke
like 10% coverage
yeah i like that stuff
lots of the cheaper interior/install balanvced cable is like that
macgyver0: not convenient for audio =)
or cost effective
fuck tv!

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yeah its not bad practice
but again its very implimentation specific
like, you could prob get away with crossing the signal and silament wires at right angles, nothing special about the wires
anyway, i would just try wiring them up with something like 20AWG twisted
the power and ground for the filament
anywhere you see shields, use twisted wires

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filament needs shielded wiring?
its not HV
or high current
this is for a heater filament?
just use balanced audio cable?
guys filaments are usually like 6.3V or 12.6V
right its balanced because equal current
so just twist the wires and you dont have to worry about H field coupling
its not like its huge amounts of current
or voltage
the HV low current stuff is sensitive, but twisting normal, or shielded balanced audio cable with one side of shield connected, or just keeping the heater wire away from sensitive signal paths should be fine

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fuck beats music web player sucks
like it just stops playing every couple songs
i miss mog
beats doesnt have the artist radio feature either, with the slider for [artist only] <--> [similar artists]
and the just for you page is like 1/3 the size
it has the curated playlists which are okay i guess
but wtf why is one of them a lovine playlist?
put the CEO's bullshit in the general tab, dont put it as a suggestion just for me, thats some bullshit
like, 1/5 of the shit is usually NIN tracks, too
its stereo, not balanced

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