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this is some bullshit

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if you midi clock the volca, you can go above the internal wide tempo max bpm
the sequencer leds follow
think im seeing multiplexer artifacts

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thats pretty cool

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jack3k3: new tube worked?

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yeah sure but the loterry hashing thing is kind of a waste
i think paying the administrators of the network is how you should create the currency, tho

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rab: so looks like google knows about folding@home plus btc idea, all the shit is open source
so yeah maybe happens

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thats just youtube
you get paid for the ads
how do people use the cats to get paid and buy shit
yeah but how do you control the number of cats
bitcoin gets money because the people who administer the network get lucky and get a payout
for calculating the hash for the block versus previous hash
but they have to do it over and over i guess with some random shit to get a hash with a certain umber of leading zeros, or some shit
blackmoon: what and people get bored and go away and this stops inflation?
that kinda makes sense

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kittehcoin exists it trades under MEOW
so im kind of into this because the banks and shit are like FUCK THIS FAKE MONEY
so i kind of did this philisophical dotdotdot
okay but you still have to calc the hash for the block
see like, the point is someone facilitated the network
so they figured, hey these people are already hashing shit, well just make them do it again
im not sure how many cat people will be like, hey let me setup my pc to go nuts 24/7 making your capitalist lifestyle happen, and hope that my cat vid justifies it
because cats are random for real
not like, so random it all averages out in the end over time random

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because that would require to much change to the coin that the new coinis based off of
and miners would get mad
theres prob multiple cancercoins, my guess is mostly its just a diff payout rate and max circulation
asics wont work for alt coins not using sha-256
so now theyre pupular because you can still mine them on gpu
theyre expensive because memory
so for the same cost you dont get anywhere near the same performance
the chips will happen, but it wont revolutionize shit
because gpu are somewhat efficienct and have the mem and already exist in a competitive market
the cat coin got killed by the nutso finance tv guy

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synth: so would you be happier if the decentralized networks were administered by uP ASIC chips?
or are you just like, fuck decentralized currency administration
gotta burn all your power in one place
heh, @ centralized money systems run in giant skyskrapers with a/c at 3000%, on old hardware with massively redudant storage
that cant be cheap

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yeah i wonder
cops make those things last a long time
theyre tough and they maintain them
i bet its never more than a few dozen, either
because they buy new shit every year, because they come out with new shit
i hate seeing those things out of service on the road
they leave the part of the body around the license plate black
like youre driving along FUCK SHAAAARK wait no

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mtgox crashed
it was like $150-200 higher than the other exchanges
you know logically i agree but i think the same way about music
high performance audio technology for entertainment is an incredible waste
its a cop ipad
its got cop engine, cop brakes, cop shocks, cop tires

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no timing jitter
not electrical jitter, real time software latency
blackmoon: the driver causes more latency
get a router and run it as a bridge?
thats how im setup now
i have a wrt54gl, its setup to connect to the wifi network
and then be a switch for my PC
isnt cat5 like 300m runs?

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volca bass batteries dead

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