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and your shit specs unity gain
like, all of a sudden that 8b wave is gonna get really, really ugly post attenuation
you go in with as many bits as you can get away with, because you almost never use all of them, you go out with as many as you need
can prob get away with 10b or less if its normalized, for music content

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rab: if youre going to process it (so like, studio shit, speaker, dsp, whatever) you typically go as many bits as you can afford
like, maybe you dont use the top 4 bits, so you add the gain and take the noise, if your shit is fully modulated, you can drop noise
if you can, but theres a lot of aliasing and just resolution issues when youre doing a lot of random DSP
sculptor: like, if you take the input and split it, and you have to have one output 40dB lower than another

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