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get extra housings too, so you can rework a few without having to use them if it goes nasty
yeah but if youre on a mission and a product is stop shipped and you say thats gonna fix it
boss will pay
nice @ having dies available

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get one of those ratcheting ones
the generic dies those come with are usually pretty good
yeah i think you can get $20 ones, something like that, pretty cheap
real crimpers are minimum $100, usually like $300-400
and a lot of time theyll like rivit the dies in so you have to buy complete crimpers
yeah those are usually pretty good ]
yeah get mad extra terminals
like +33%
theres going to be a learning curve

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you need the inserts
look at the bottom of the page, associated product

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id be down
ha thats like the nurburgring
anyway, you can do track days but they dont happen often
and theres only like three tracks in all of california
and cheapest non competitive options is like $400, bring your own car
i want to take my car to laguna seca
or rent a miata or some shit
toyotaCar down the corkscrew! VROOM!
they do a monthly bike ride at laguna seca
totally want to do that

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i dont have an issue with him renting exotic cars, i have an issue with him driving them drunk, and a huge issue with his security fucks stopping traffic so he could race the shit
theyre like HE WASNT SPEEDING GPS SAYS like wtf then why did they need to block traffic
if youre gonna be a prick and block traffic, at least go fast

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bong is standard issue in calabasas homes?
thats 3 miles from here, on the edge of the SFV, the stoner capital of los angeles
i dont have a problem with him and his little middle school rapper homie toking out in their own house
i have an issue with them vandalizing the neighborhood
if he was some punk mfkr from hollywood, id be behind that
but hes just one rich mfkr vandalizing anothers home
like, i dont have an issue with him smoking weed on a plane
i have an issue with him continuing to smoke weed on a plane after the pilot said stop
also wtf at harassing the flight attendant
i kinda agree with tc on that

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steal his FRS
timecop: i hope they deport that fucker

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`nico: kids on a rampage?
`nico: hopefully doing road trip up 101 to OR in april
fucking idiots @ paul walker death

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yeah but you gotta pay rant at the um
the boat place
the dock?
i think they shoot you for that in SF
because like, not somalia

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um, welcome to the west coast?
3 bedroom tract housing, 80s build, nice area but nothing amazing, almost $1M
`nico: move to northern california
no youre not youre in the bay
which is like, top end of central california
technically bay isnt even part of california, too foofy
wow LA wins

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i hate that
_unreal_: break out the duct tape and fix the switch

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