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i saw enduser like maybe 2 years ago
oddly like half my junglist friends were like WHATS END USER and the others were like woah, breakcore
like, i couldnt make it to the end i left at 2:30 there were still punks twitching on the dancefloor
awesome set tho
think miyuki was running it, its like watching chun li dj
she even wears those puffy short sleeve corset bottom shirts

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well trap is all sorts of shit
i kind of like the major elements
and that its not tempo locked
like, melodic long decay kicks and machine gun hats ftw
its kind of like old jungle, but simpler
*they arent keeping dubstep alive or movin on to trap
(new tracks still 175bpm breaks over heavy bass)
i rabbed

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calyx and teebee tonight
u r!
and they are keeping dubstep alive or movin on to trap
core junglists, theyre prob invisible to hipsters =\

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fuck, 90F in the valley

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yeah that seems to make her uncomfortable, girls doing guys
so i got that going for me
but yeah shes all about using tool to get other girls off
haha, like i will never feel the same about screwdrivers and latex gloves in an engineering lab
thats pretty much how it went down
like, gets me drunk, doesnt make the first move but let me do what i wanted

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ya is the point
last time we did the pretend date thing, she said she had to be the guy in the relationship
its a 3/4 latin relationship, so pretty sure that means im in charge

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so worth the drama
because i put my penis inside
seriously the best awkward sex ever
yeah, and she seems to <4 hanging out with me
anyway, confused girl is confused

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who is jim williams?
(is the name of an audio EE ive worked with, amazing musician)
so im going on a valentines date with a lesbian
my life is neat
right i did that! and that happened! im hoping for bounce
she wanted to drive down couple nights ago to hang out, i was in class so im like wanna get dinner friday?
rab: shes also a mechanical engineer
also she has the tightest girly bits ever

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