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zeeshan: yeah i really liked using it

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the difference in first and last line prob has to do with lead in and lead out
anyway, G0 and G1 are modal, im assuming g2 is too
prob lots of M codes
prob a workaround for older machines that cant connect the dots

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you have to use IJ and the initial XY coordinate
i believe IJ are by default relative
you can def do full circles
yeah i dont understand
oh that
im not sure if g2 is modal but its not a big deal, i would g1 or g2 every line

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so plan is get some quotes, drive it out of the canyon, park at rental car spot, use roadside assistance tow service to get it to some mechanic and proceed to be ripped off
on the upside, i can maybe use this to get a labor discount on replacing the timing belt and water pump and filters

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because yeah, it wont disengage, but like, i drove the whole canyon to my home in 3rd and it didnt slip
and it hops when you try and start it, clutch pressed but in 1st gear
and it wont go into 1st while running if stopped, so you have to stop car, shift into 1st, start car while letting clutch out, then rev match bangshift into 2nd and 3rd
so yeah the clutch, at the moment, seem to be gripping fine, which is causing problems

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sculptor: daaaaamn @ 150 students a week shes making $$$
so i think im about to spend all my moneys on a new clutch
so im going to try places to see if they will even rough quote over the phone
im going to laugh theyre all going to be like YEAH BRING IT IN
i dont know if its the clutch
its either the pressure plate spring, the throwout bearing fork, the hydraulic line, the pedal play is out of adjustment
so yeah it could be everything except the clutch, but the problem is going to burn out the clutch within minutes of use so i prob need a clutch

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