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facedesk trying to get c shit to compile in microsoft visual stupid
install lunix, install gcc shit, gcc blah.c -o blah, shit is done
this happened in the c++ class too

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National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation - "Rappin' With Gas"
thats gotta be ultra rare, heh

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i know i have paper plates and plasticware

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feeding to speaker machines
`nico: i was going to buy 2nd turntable, audio technica sl-1200 clone with riaa preamp and usb audio output
but then my clutch blew up
its funny because when i bought the car i kind of budgeted for this
but then two years go buy, false sense of security
i bought my friends dnb collection, lots of cool shit
this is a crazy version of whole lotta love, did not expect
yeah whatever my space is tinier
tho you have a girl thing
they want space to be so like, normal
like how spaces were growing up
with like, kitchens, and obvious places to walk

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