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uh wtf
i already paid electricity for last month
i have her receipts

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no one of the boxes isnt hooked up
im pretty sure its from a former tenant

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cable awesome
but yeah not in his case
they got him with the bumdle and told hiim its cheaper
which technically it is
but not rly no
right so if she wants me to pay for the other fios box she ended up paying for, i just want the net
and not even the 60mbit shit she has
most of the internet cant keep up, im fine with the 15mbit
i wonder if she streams anything

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the most expensive fios bundle, after one year (when you lose the $25 credits), is $115
she charged me $120 for half the fios (i dont even use the phone or tv but whatever)
she has two fios boxes on the house
im not paying that
shes getting charged twice
last time i brought it up she didnt want to talk about it
i guess because some former tenant called and got them to install another fios
no way im paying that
blackmoon: im going to rewrite her agreement so it makes sense, and prob agree to it, because in the summer ill come up
man fuck dsl

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not $650
ha she tells me to do my laundry at non peak hours to save costs
and i hear her drying clothes all day
yeah shit has LCD and LEDs

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no its a winter bill
and yeah she did double it
double the one month rate she is referencing?
that makes sense
well i can not pay it
she left a new agreement
yeah basically
well i wont sign this agreement anyway
because she writes, his power usage is so high, [one month previous rate] versus [two month current rate]
so she needs to change that to $400

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guys help me figure this out
landlady gives me new rental agreement and some old bills, wants me to pay the difference from the current bill to before i lived here
but her base amount is for one month
and what she sites as my extra usage is for two months
so if i was paying the difference, it would be the difference on two months, not two months versus one month
pretty sure im getting ripped off
current agreement is half the bill
so id be paying like $300 on two months
high, but its cold here, tile floors, i use the heater too much
she wants me to pay the diff between the one month rate from before i lived here
so theres a $600 electricity bill for two months
shes like, this is way more than $120 for one month
so you owe me $600-$120
im like, shouldnt it be $600-240?

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those things work okay
the hole cutters

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`nico: possibly if ground into a paste and molded to shape

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`nico: nice
pitz is probably happy and successful with wife and multiple dogs
gotta do it urself

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