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scoll saw is for cutting reindeer out of small blocks of wood

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so you need a way to put a fence on some shit like that
naturally, none of them will have an easy way to do this, because a scroll saw is basically means for curved cuts
yeah if you cant lower the brace for the blade, its doing to suck for straight cuts
you need a bandsaw
i think you should get a bandsaw
jigsaw is prob more useful than a scroll saw
least you can clamp a straight piece of wood onto your work and just cut along that

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scrolls saw is pretty ghetto solution for most work \

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oh thats mpja

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ive gotten shit for work from there, dont have problems with them

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but youre too far from schools
my mastech doesnt regulate for shit under high load

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tekrad: yeah, i got the same thing everyone got for like two days
but it sucked to eat anything for like a week
its funny i got a cold for a few days the week before
im like, wow this could totally fuckup your life at the wrong time
then yeah, flu was 10x worse
prob because theyre normally used in high impedance circuits
where it doesnt matter a ton?
you could buffer and boost into reg mux
but yeah, more $$$
tekrad: my landlady is trying to charge me again for electric bill i paid last month
tekrad: and somehow half her fios bill works out to $120 this month?
so yeah i have to deal with that soon

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blackmoon: yeah but what fixed key?
the same for everything?

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wtf is pst
oh fuck that
Note that neither of the two encryption modes uses the user-specified password as any part of the key for the encryption.
so wtf does it use!?

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ya i dont know management details
i would MTV would just make him a VJ so his career goes away
or maybe someone could feed him to lady gaga

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if hes shooting TV, yeah
yeah srs
you could DUI like all the fucking time and stay in the US i guess
i think he sold his calabasas house
so i dont have to deal with him

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im down with that, because hes from south LA, and thats inspirational, and dre dealt with the consequences
no they stopped a fuckton of traffic
and the bitch was like all drunk like WHAT DID I DO
and dre wasnt violating a work visa, he was at home
from what i know it didnt last that long =)
plus by all means, put dre in jail and deport him to south LA
i dont know what you mean about that
as far as i know he mostly got off for that shit
anyway, some band shut down the 101 for some publicity stunt im pretty sure they did jail time and got fucked
im down for protest, but people gotta use the 101 yo
okay so a year in prison

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he pissed off the flight attendant too
if youre smoking weed on a chartered plane, you better be hella cool with the crew, or you dont get caught
obviously he was neither
catbyte: they had competant management who kept them out of trouble
im down with trashing hotel rooms if you can take the heat after
thats what being a hotel is about, shrug
but yeah you dont shoot through the walls
getting shot in the back just kicking it at a hotel is not so rock n roll, thats just fucked up
if he cant control himself, and the people paid to do so cant, well fuck his work visa
typical star behavior is taking your ferrari through the streets of south LA
then failing at outrunning cops
then going to court about it

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your monitor is a tv
dont blame the messenger
buddy holly could fuck elvis up

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well if a private jet pilot fucks up, its dozens of people dead
thats a big fuck up
the stopping traffic shit to *not* race in florida shit isnt as dangerous but its fucked up, just being in the way of people
yeah i dont like elvis
and i think he should have been prosecuted for shit like that

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besides michelle talking about how she would hug him and never let him go
like, im a pretty unapologetic stoner, and i think he should be deported for hotboxing a private jet pilot
her advice was actually very good, very concerned mommy
well maybe not
he has a visa and hes violated its terms i would think

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fuck killing him, then he will become a religion
just make it really clear hes canadian
papa roach is 00s?
all of these songs are like from 00 01 02
they should call this playlist the end of the 90s
oh neat this one is from 07 and i didnt know what it was before
so far, beats music < mog
they took out the radio slider
prob too complicated for 12 year olds
catbyte: have they responded to that yet?

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i slightly dented the flat end of an 18650 li-ion battery
were gonna deport beiber

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