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okay so why dont you find a waterpark and sell them an elevator
i guess because canada

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waterparks are usually sandy
fake beaches and such

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because nice elevators would prob get fucked up by all the sand
and industrial elevators are a safety liability
designing mil spec elevators prob not what water parks are into

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sladgehamer, putty knife, done

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if youre doing single supply stuff, let me know what you find
common stuff is like, ancient commodity stuff that im not as familiar with as i should be
a lot of modern stuff is ~5.5v max
not great for 9v

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tl072 = general pupose, hi Zin
ne5532 = low noise
opa2134 = low noise, low distortion, hi Zin, more $$$
ne5532 is by far the cheapest
if youre on a budget, ne5532 for input and output buffers, and tl072 for analog processing is the way to go
if you got a little money, consider opa2134 for everything
truth, but there will be longer leadtimes
factories will just have 5532, theyll have to find 5534
and dont ever use single amps for audio
it matters if youre measuring it
tl082 are good for non signal path analog processing
like window comparators and one shots for a level or clip indicator
theyre mostly the same as tl072, specs bit weaker

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