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which still used the new rental terms i never agreed too, but only charged me for on month electricity
was like $160 less so i just had a check sent to her
havent talked to her
but yeah, i want to see like, kwh usage, and what the actual tiers are
and i want to know why were paying $240 for fios
and i want her dogs to stop pooing on my doorstep, which i dont thin kwill happen
i think its because of the extra equipment rental
extra fios box, extra cable tv box
and maybe because i complained about the internet, she switched to the fastest shit
like, i dont need 60mbit
so yeah, prob moving soon, sucks

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whatever ijust thought it would be could to see your shit terraform out of his blocky city
like a volcano
what do you mean your cat has big plans
because your cat does big things
i miss cats
so my landladies dogs shit on my door mat like all the time
and theyre her babies
time to move
ya i kinda want to
so she figured out she read the bill wrong
and gave me new barely readable hand written photo copied invoice

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haha that is some stoner graphics
you and this guy should get together and blow shit up
like, you manage a city
while people do survival craft shit inside of it
yeah but i really like his blocky city
well he has big plans

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