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dont forget the part about timecop being the #1 freshmeat contributor

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yeah but that sounds like a place in america
so its not an example of most
the ports are just holes in the block?
so BB and DD are exhaust, and AA and CC are intake?
rab: for what?

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man, stupid schools taking forever to decide
typically you hear by mid march
i got acceptance notice from local csu in january
but i think they have a transfer agreement with my current school
most modern drawings are just for inspection, and arent fully toleranced for manufacturing
and usually reference a model file
its great because when shit gets fucked up, everyone can point at a different document and be right
yeah i dont totally get what the spool sits in

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is the box it sits in open?
or it has channels somehow
also i dont get the double piston thing
the steam inlet has a grease zerk on the side
be like an rx7 rotary
only =\
sound sloshy?

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so i guess you could just fail and make it bigger, continuously until it works
because the sprockets
and now its time to dance
this is an original design?
or there are engines like this?
zeeshan|2: i know im saying is this proven tech and you are doing a project on implementation
or is this something you thought of
i wonder if thats the china price

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needs fatter chain
thats mostly what i remember
its fine as long as you only go faster
zeeshan|2: it looks like a bike chain
how much torque is this thing supposed to make?
also how are you going to make the crank!?
how heavy is that valve spool thing?
i think you need a fatter chain
least its not an interference engine

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1/4" hex standoff, .50/ea
do you need 100?
looks like 1" aluminum male female is $.50, retail

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zeeshan|2: wtf, buy from mcmaster then
gpu mining rigs
ha, nice
use metal tubing

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