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yeah, def not all
yes possibly in the 90s, early 90s i bet

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shit was chinese in the 90s
thats when it happened
in the 90s shit was really designed here
and made in china
shrug, well thats when it ended
lots of stuff now american made
eminence has chinese factories
for a long time, theyre pretty good from what ive heard

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then might as well get a mostly restored 280 for $4k

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i got it for $300
was rusted out tho
great car tho
i think i sold it for like $400

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like, you dont just let go places like this
because theyre hard to find
same bulletin board i found this one, there is another
no because this is the santa monica mountains
people dont care
i could have paid per our original agreement, legally
she fixed the 2 month issue, so it was $160 cheaper
and i paid it without signing the agreement
because its still cheap and this is still a canyon in the santa monica mountains
this is that truck?
my 280z was regged non op, illegal to drive, so i took it out maybe once a month
has black widows because parked near a bush

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landlady couldnt explain why the fios bill is so high
but she said it was after she subtracter her phone and tv and it was just my internet
also she was frustrated that i didnt sign the new agreement
i pointed out the mistake of comparing one months usage, to two months, both in dollars
she said thats just a mistake and not the important part of the agreement
but agreed to rewrite it, i asked to see the entire bill, she said we are in a higher tier, the highest now, so my usage is much less than a money ratio
zeeshan|2: ya
no this is a deal
ripped off, its still a deal

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