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is there some sort of massive switch betqween the two panels?
or you have to manually change shit over

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my guess is they will notice
if they visualize the data at all, or just have people actually doing work, they should notice
i dont think its worth it unless they say they will buy back, and they are explicit about not giving a shit about the source when they ask
if they are like, power is power we dont care, do it
eventually theyll make a rule banning what youre doing
it doesnt make sense as they should be able to buy direct at a lower cost
unless their competitor status doesnt allow working together, then maybe they <3 that they are buying competitors cheap power indirectly
but again this only makes sense if they are making money, which means buying low
figure they want like 20-50% markup

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first of all, no one will buy something at full price if they sell the same thing
thats not how you make money
secondly, youre going to lose energy charging and discharging the batteries
if you make money, it wont be as much as you think
1/2 price is significant, tho, so maybe worth asking
plus youll need the inverters and batteries for that

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i was just thinking like, jumper cables

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im not sure what you mean, but if it works, im pretty sure its illegal

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