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now its the distro package guy's fault
user only gets to enter a directory and png name
so at worse, they can try and make a png file called * in the / directory
and /someconstant.gnu and /someconstant.dat will be created and removed
oh hahahah!
/ somedirname/

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so my code make system calls to rm with user input strings as parameters
surely theres a way for a user to rm /*
oh nm, the temp files it removes are constants

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better than "this is me shaking hands with hitler while petting his doge"

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rab: that guys got plots on his wall
he cant be all bad
yes but he put them on the wall
even if he is an evil ass, thats still pretty cool

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Investigators are scrutinizing radar tapes
radar is all stuck in the 70s
oh fuck you think they mean paper tape?!

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wtf used cap?

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theres some dead *box wm, it was setup default in a 3x3 desktop grid, with gestures that slammed into the next (or opposite if edge) desktop, was pretty cool
needed a desktop pager on a hotkey
timecop: do you still use the win95 style window borders?

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well in win8 does it do that thirds split thing?
because that seems retarded, but half splitting on a wide screen can be useful
i havent used win8
im normal
in 7 it splits in half, in 8 ithought it splits in thirds
anyway, you dont even like top edge maximize?
top edge maximize, plus side edge desktop switching would be neat
do you like using gestures for anything?

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the only part that felt BSD was the terminal and hidden nix file system
and there was a feeling that editing anything in /etc would splode the whole system
*nix with a horrible window manager is usually worse than windows, osx is a perfect example
and honestly, even the ultralight wm that i heart so much...
lately i am annoyed they dont full and half maximize when i slam the window title bars into the top and side edges
tho probably i can edit some config file to make it happen...
you know windows can be on top of others windows, right timecop?

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