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neat i have random
blackmoon: ty!
ha, i did srand(time()) in a loop right before rand() because not thinking and the random string was like PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
heh, failure to the max

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rab: this is not my lunix yet =\

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if i go to chico i can prob just get a house
and their commercial is waaay under $1/sqft
yeah i cant click on that because laptop = linux

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fuck i miss bass
as much as this lady bothers me, i cant shake her little house to pieces
not the same
one of my acoustic engineering role model types, hes into headphones with subwoofers
ive done it on accident, its amazing
good headphones make you kinda wonder if you left the sub on, but when sub is actually on you know 1000%
and where to keep techy shit is always an issue in little places
if i go to school local i should prob finally move into a little industrial spot
end unit, single roll up, no one bitch about bass, machine tools have a place to live

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i mean it seems stupid to winder, but she typed it liked USE PURE POINTER NOTATION so i think she meant it
im so glad the lady who wrote the labs doesnt teach the course anymore
wow, this linux terminal doesnt do url clicks
at least not by default
so fail
why dont you like drill index cases?
do you really want to sort bits?
especially a fractional/letter/number set

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i actually already have that page open
ty for confirmation as a good resource
its funny the 20 year old lab spec is like ONLY GENERATE THE STRING ONCE AND REUSE IT
looks like i can generate the string as many times as i want and reuse it!
also we basically have to do the program twice, once with arrays and once with *pure* pointer syntax
but it doesnt say *pure* array syntax, so its prob okay that i pass the address of an array location instead of a string name?

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so i have to create a 40 uppercase char random string for a c programming lab
mod rand output, whatevers...
same output, every fucking time
i dont think this word means what they think it means
well it is a linux workstation

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you will be when you see the cost of the resistor

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30 deg, .005 tips are what i did the .008" space/trace stuff with
for big endmills i use...
dxtr_: if we werent right your meter would be wrong
or you PSU would be 5V
if you measure current across the resistor youll blow up the LED
rab: neat

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psu are neat like that

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what are we trying to figure out
current rating?
okay well i would do this
take one LED, the one you like least
it has bent lead or scratch or a bad vibe
anyway, two two resistors in parallel
1k / 2 = 500R
current will double
like 5mA
let it run a few minutes
then try three 1k resistors in parallel
brucel: truth
1k / 3 = 333R, i dunno like 8mA
why do we need to measure, we know!
anyway, keep raising current until it burns or gets stupid hot
the max current is less than that
welcome to professional electronics
rab: this is why i dont even get I meters involved

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c makes sense on 32b
or on 8b where opcodes were specifically made for c compilers
PIC and AVR arent like that
rab: im taking a c class, really want to get away from asm
rab: i think the LPC stuff isnt as asm friendly
forward voltage drop of the LED is 2.7V
Vf = 2.7V
k now what
i like green
dxtr_: the voltage not dropped across the LED is being dropped by the resistor
turn that into math
thats really low for blue
water clear cyan are my fav i think

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implimentation maybe not awesome and price a little high, but market ate it up
my landlady is a bitch
i dont care so much about the ide
havent tried it
i think its based on processing?
which as an idea is cool
honestly i think its good artists are getting interested in tech
for people like us
its just frustrating, because they are artists, operating tech
yeah but from what i understand its just bloated libraries because very generalized
i dont even like the standard avr c libraries
i dont like the overhead using c takes to respond to interrupts
i dont like the memory eaten up by the variable stacks
but its easy
and it works for prob half of applications
i mean arduino libs, avr c prob works for damn near everything

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but if you put me in front of a mac and say HALP DO THIS, it has a bash terminal so i can do shit
arduino has an avr so i can do shit
stk500 is current go to scratch pad, but its kinda big plus usb to serial dongles
stk600 also big
have barely used it
friend girl says she is playing with her throbby LED lighs again
that was custom PCB, if it breaks i gotta make some shit all over
if it was an arduino, i could just send a new arduino and be like, unplug the shit and plug it onto the new shit
standard hardware concept is cool

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because everytime i seen someone do crash burn prototyping with them, they fail for stupid shit
because youre running over your interrupts, but dont know how to fix in tarduino
like, its an 8b micro not a fucking mbp
that said, its standard hardware
highly avalable, easy to explain to be
you say IM GONNA DO IT WITH A 30MHZ ATMEGA and people are like, huh, you say IM GONNA DO IT WITH A TARDUINO and the normals are like AWESOME THAT MEANS WERE LIKE YEAR 3000
so it seems useful to know how to hijack the hardware quickly

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rab: fuck thats going to be hard to remember to do
because helping mom and grandfather move, then drum n bass
but yeah kind of figure i should get an arduino
because people are like HALP ME and im like i dont know how to do tarduino

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