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ya happens
i wanna be a wildcat
i dont want to be a matador or a horse so much
as far as mascots go
traditional republican platform is neat but they fucked it all up when they sold out to religious money and votes
and i voted as repub one election so i could vote for ron paul in the primary and gobama in the final election
i like that crazy guy
im hell never win theyd just assassinate him

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i think csun would be too distracting
because new csun stuff, also my normal la stuff
no will just get a fuckton of loans
i figure i already have a decent resume with a BS so im prob good for it
*without a bs
i rab'd
at csun i prob dont even stand out
chico maybe a little bit
pomona my guess is somewhere in between
pomona is a neat campus, feels small tho

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if i get into chico i might go just because so fucking cheap and i <3 the city
no i moved back to LA, to topanga
so ya, in limbo, very stressful but not rly
because im in at csun and its a decent school and i can transfer later, and its home
i could be homeless and pull off going to CSUN
ha, one of my friends is csun alumni, hes like I HOPE U FAIL I CAN STILL HANG OUT WITH YOU I CAN TELL YOU THE GOOD INSTRUCTORS
hes means getting into chico/pomona and moving, going to csun instead

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i have a c class and assembly on 32b uC is fucked
im making a sample generator, im almost done with the envelope generator
accepted to csu northridge in fall
waiting on csu chico and calpoly pomona
oh hell yeah
campus is totally done up with new bigass library and theater and solar panels for parking lights
so they accepted me in like january
i think they have an agreement with the cc i go to, or something
chico and pomona have intent to register dealines of may
and they still havent given me notice
i call and ask about status and theyre like keep checking the website and your email
i literally grew up in northridge
no i want to go to pomona, good engineering school, close enough to home

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blackmoon: i fissit
mostly i am just using pointers to avoid arrays of structures
and then pass double pointer for the malloc

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just wait awhile the link will be safe

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`nico: fucked

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