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but duty cycle
maths whatever, i set it up so generates a wavetab of n length with a specified wavetype
right now it just does sine =\
no thats bad
thats slow
you do like
k = math();
tab1[i] * k
kickboom.wav sounds neat in headphones

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naw theyre monitor speakers
shit monitors, theyre like 4 or five dB hot on the top end
and have nothing below 60
oh huh
but yeah theyre still studio monitors (maudio bx5a)
i dont want to use my normal setup because too much bass, neighbors
yeah thats weird
dds is easy to do polyphony too
because youre just adding tuning words to pointers
my shit calculates the tuning words on the fly because fuckit, but you can make a lookup table
i want to do midi notes / 100 so i can do cents

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in the envelope generator, you can be like, i want a segment this long (in time or samples), from this value to this value, using a linear or exponential or inverse curve, and set the power of the exponent
no dds supports any way, its just a wavetable synth
like, you have a wavetable, and a pointer, and you generate a tuning word to add to the pointer
so like, you make a huge wavetable, and it never repeats steps
not yet
i just made a 24/96 mono wav
i have to see how libsndfile wants the data spliced
whats shepard tone

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i made a wav
i cant hear it because my speakers suck
well just the kick part but not the boom part
so like, shit didnt work and im like the code works wtf die
and then eventually i ran ldd on the shared lib that was just installed
and did make again and shit worked
i remembered because some swedish linux dork told me to do this for some shit prob like 10 years ago
youre saying when gcc runs the linker it doesnt think to check to see if theres maybe new shit in the search path
or debian doesnt do it when you install it
but i has a wav!
and a horrible horrible UI for making envelopes
yeah i made an envelope generator, and then you feed an amp envelope and a frequency envelope to a dds synth
and it makes a wav file

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dicktrace is <3 compared to it

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fuck pads is so annoying
i guess its easy to pirate so very available in china so thats what they use
my c project is working
like, i can plot my waves with gnuplot
i have to figure out libsndfile so i can actually listen to them
(non real-time sample generator synthesizer thing)
timecop: isnt altium old
anyway, pads can do anything but its UI is trash

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01:07:34 < _unreal_> I have no idea what math to use for that
youve been here a long, long time
i hope youve learned a lot about connectors

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