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the alternative is canon/switchcraft style connectors
which uses a set screw to clamp some tube around the cable
shit design, you have to choose between shit strain relief, or chewing into the cable eventually
thats their speaker level connector, comes in 4 or 8 channels, same chuck relief
you can buy that underground 2 x 12awg conductor cable, with heavy silicone wire and cable insulation, and big rops of twisted paper and some cancer powder for flexibility
fits right into speakons
that clear speaker cable shit pisses me off

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all diff melting temps (viscosity per a given glue gun) and set hardness
usually try and mechanically bond it somehow
or you just use a fuckton, itll stick well with a lot of surface area
like, few sqre inches to tack down a pair of 18awg
damn yo, thats drama
blackmoon: have you seen neutrik XLR and speakon connectors?
they have screw on boots that tighten a strain relief chuck
the black thing
its got little ridges inside to keep the cable from being pulled out

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needs hot glue
ive started potting things in hot glue blocks using masking tape molds
works awesome!
depends on the glue

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wow grappling hook is complicated
blackmoon: yeah i was rancdomly hitting keys around wasd to see what shit did
and i didnrt even know what the grappling hook was, seemed like some sort of bug
like, why do the bullets leave persistent trails, thats not slick
anyway, i read the help file and it made enough sense to use

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blackmoon: grapling hook is sweet
i was amazed i could actually escape the caves i dropped into

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