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how is that a 3d printer
its just a tattoo plotter
way to take it back to the 70s

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unacceptable my nuts, RF is voodoo
theyre a thermocouple company, EMI/EMC isnt their job
they make wire clamps

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yeah pretty much
kevtris: heh, you learn a lot when emc lab pre-scans are like $5-10k a run
we had a cage and could kind of correlate it to the lab
and then, yeah its a lot of trial and error
ESD testing is same shit
its not hard to do
but it sucks when you have to meet audio specs, too

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kevtris: you would think because its meant to plug into a pc there would already be something there
also lately ive been thinking about emc for pc shit
for the display stuff
oohbut yeah, i didnt get emc certs for me pc
and right now its running case open with like GHz shit happening all over the place
*my pc, wtf like a pirate
so like, this is happening all over the place, people with random pc
radiations gotta be horrible
most the stuff ive worked on is like that for all digital io, board to board and external
it usually doesnt get populated
but people have been fucked enough times the pads are almost always there

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kevtris: i remember trying to play witha ps2 keyboard, mostly it seem to not do what specs i found said it was supposed to do
like it would work, and then yeah stuck

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ac-130u: sorry missed your link
ac-130u: kinda
ac-130u: they make a lot of different grade scales, i think they mostly rebrand them
but yeah for $25, if its 4.9-5.1 for a nickel, shrug
industry standard
thats a really good price, too
mine might be one of those
nope mine is digiweigh
which is like, same shit

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one of them was a winner of the sony gran turismo virtual racing competition
he also races SCCA or some shit irl
also he delivers pizza in an mr2
so yeah as the league matures more its like, i pretty much race to try and finish
because thats prob a lot of effort for keyboard brain
man i want to code
but if i start now ill be up until 6am
and ill end up sleeping until like 2am
and penis hater is supposed to get here by like noon
shes going to be here way earlier but im not going to tell her it only takes 3 hours in mad traffic
this is usb kb or ps2 or what

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09:42:50 <@BlackMoon> yea but I mean like breaking loose at 100mph comming outta a turn lol
yeah thats what happens irl
thats what functional spoilers are for, they actually do something at 100mph in rwd cars
blackmoon: heh, some cars are getting like that
new vette is gears so it can do like 60+ in 1st gear
lots of torque tho
your strategy is like a japanese insanity wolf
anyway im not sure why i sim race now
like im not very competitive, its fun and shit but most of these guys are nuts, race in several leagues
tigerdrink has like 40 people racing now

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well thats sim racing with anything over 200hp
because thats irl driving with anything over 200hp
under 200hp you have to be trying or just be really stupid to break loose

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haha, #cars guy who runs it, like maybe 5 or 6 years now, is always like WHY U NO RACE REN
so i figure i must be doing okay, hes usually top 5 in another class, so they come up behind you you basically try and hold your line and try not to wreck anyone in the middle of a battle for position
but like, if race leaders are coming up behind me and theyre all crazy sideways, ill punt myself
just to make sure i dont fuck em up
so this season (i havent really raced in a couple seasons), both classes are in the same cars
cars are all stupid powerful, but old so no grip
theyve always loved that shit
the other class usually drove small cars, half the power, lots of grip
these are GT cars
so like, porsche 911, corvette stingray, BMW schnitzer, mini cooper

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i dont think i need the tab open int
basically, you hit a key to select that tab, it changes some ascii line shit, and displays a window in the rest of the space
fuck cares what any other tab is doing
i know because i played
help tab #1
i dont know
oh cool
yeah there was a lot of diff action/scan/view/whatever keys
i only played like 30 minutes and mostly i was exploring and grapping
hmm dunno this was maybe a couple weeks ago
i played a long time ago too but there was a lot less then
no then i havent tried
i should prob practice @ simracing
so i dont an hero on race days and take out all the other simracers

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blackmoon: got the hang of pointer stuff, also using external libs, also Makefile
so now structures of arrays are like, whatever
arrays of structures
life is confusing
so last night i almost finished a tab interface for ncurses
but then like, im like how do i close all the other tabs without passing pointers to all the tab things
so then im like ILL MAKE THEM GLOBAL and then everything fails right because one of the tab names is used in half the functions
but was a pretty good try for half asleep and crazy stoned
so now i try again but do an array of tab structures and have a tab count variable
that way i can just close all the tabs and open the one i want

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fuck one opamp always use two!

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[svh]: i get free lunch almost every time i go out with my lesbian friend
yay for female equality

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