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timecop: they have these dvd vending machines now
and like, you have to bring the dvd back
i guess if youre into the bru lay
i dunno it prob has a dvd reader
because like, $10 in quantity
i dont remember what theyre like
penis hater uses it
lesbian ME i used to work with, sometimes we go on awkward dates, she pays for most stuff its pretty neat
is she tiny and columbian?
you have another version

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timecop: wtf because alaska
i think going back to school is going to be sometimes very frustrating
moms depend on whole circuits
make an eagle of it, heh
ima use that
hes going to draw a schematic in eagle of his circuit
i has some decent crumble, and this horrible co2 oil
its got blueberry in it
like, why
naw, flavor
get at that blunt croud, i guess
dvd netflix hasnt exisated in like 10 years
it was awesome then, because you could rip like 2 movies a week from them

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i hope he didnt need that car

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