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welcome to 1988...

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guys when you do #define math it doesnt really math it just copies shit
so i did like, mouse.y - CONST, and CONST was 4
but not really CONST was 0 + 3 + 1, so it did 7 - 0 + 3 + 1
so one of geanys debugfail plugins got stuck in an error dialog loop
the other one crashes all of x
eclipse complains it cant find g++, but its installed and autocompletes from non root cmdline
and its a c program, it even asked me in the project setup failwizard
so like, 30 minutes of fail to end up having to use gdb from cmdline
yay lunix

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i just have to figure out how to start multiple lynx and put them in diff windows
so like if i can figure out how to get a shell framed in a window, i think multitab lynx is doable
i think he meant jero32
that one prob doesnt have a noise

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just put a big resistor in series with the power rail
rab: mostly done with a tab ui for ncurses
mousing is complete
this shit actually works i figured itd be more broken
that probably wouldnt be hard

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