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rangar: leaving yourself open for obvious mommy joke

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i just did control-z in libreoffice a few times in a row
and on the last on it politely closed
wow recovery worked
never worked for the apache shit

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site has no content
bty reducing cost you are allowed to reduce budget
dude you live in asia, how did that not make perfect sense to you
anyway, enlightpcb.com
ha @ non-free
just reminding you that it is a business
Molex, Wago, Phoenix, Tyco connectors are too expensive, are there high quality, low price substitute in China?
true answer: kinda

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timecop youre the only one using windows 8
you and old people who just use what best buy gave them
wow gnome was like UNTRSUTED LAUNCHER because i clicked on an xfce desktop icon, that it gave me to click
yeah bitch, i use another wm, dont have to be all butt hurt
timecop: season put his name on the front page of the website
facility type: something like a trailer
nothing he sent me a mail literally: Could you please send me your gerber files?
so my guess its as or even cheaper than chinapcb
i wonder if he is still 1000mi north of bejing

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macegr: timecop: status of relations with chinapcb?
did you get seasons new company mail?
clicking in a lunix vm...
lunix vm stuck in screensaver loop
x never changes
at least i know the system wont go down while its screen saving
and wtf at new gnome
like, we cant make a cool desktop wm, so well just make all panel backgrounds black
i have windows 7

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macegr: also the capacitors are crowded
the device is fucking huge and the capacitors are apperently allowed to stick out
which is awesome because one of the cap bodies is going to be live

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guys i just realized
i have the shell of a monster ghetto blaster with ideal high end configuration (single tweeter)
monster like dual 10"

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blackmoon: nope
close, tho
ive seen ones like that for dc barrels before, but the flange is usually way thin, and the radius and thickness way smaller
it looks more like a pin than a dick
3.5mm and 1/4" will have the same switches
and then the contacts are either more arrows, or like curled over contact (i like these)
and maybe a big rectangle for the shield

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i should buy a cat costume and a nice suit
jero323: your DC barrel symbol looks like dongs
jero323: put a diode reverse biased from pin 1 to 3 of the regulator
because if the input gets shorted out you maybe blow up the 7805 without it

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i couldnt find the tubes
i was like, woah how is he using the pulse transformer as an output
then i am like, wait there is no glo
then i am like, those are expresspcbs
but those might be 1% panasonic polypropylene
theyre the right size/color/position
macegr: i suppose he is proving that his project does indeed produce a rail?

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