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synth: i guess quartz has a higher q resonance because of higher rigidity
rings more, longer, more reactive energy
i mean, you can destroy anything with sound waves
arguably any explosion is sound destroying shit

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so i got this 4ft freezer right
and i think the shit is probably bigger than the freezer in most standard fridges
now like, if i go buy a 4ft fridge
i have equiv fridge that may even fit in typical fridge spot
but theyre cake to move
why is this not common?

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synth: no
but yeah all the glass dab nails are quarts
so i could try

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want new home to be subwoofer friendly
no i mean i dont want walls with other peoples homes on the other side
i have pretty good reference sub but i didnt bring good speakers to new place
didnt want to piss anyone off

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`nico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlhQqhS655w
mr fx ^
k this track is too uplifting i cannot listen to anymore

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blackmoon: thats completely normal where i live
everygreens and live oaks will grow sideways out of cliffs
trees are like the only obvious source of shattered rock
everywhere else its like, hmm maybe geologists know
but with trees its like, oh yeah trees did that rock
tree will be just kickin there like, yeah i make look chill, but i totally blew up this rock

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