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wow that sears thing looks pretty pussy
tomorrow i am calling schools and bitching
two weeks before intent to reg deadline and they still havent given me notification

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rented a chevy cruze
do not like
the spark was better

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its mpja, its ancient

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honestly thats probably what i need to work on most
ya right
like the audio thing im doing now, all of it basically trig and advanced agebra
graph thing shifted up this much, this much offset, scaled by this many, etc
like, its annoying as fuck, but the class helps
like, did i need to take a c programming class to learn c?
hell no, im like a month ahead
but did it help learn the shit faster? jezus fuck yes
like, you maybe learn one or two things, but they will be the things that you were stupid to not know
free electrical tape 10 pack with a $75 mpja order
thats kinda cool

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dunno i dont mind the refreshers
factoring polynomials sucks =(
naw factoring polynomials is useful
ive used that in programming to reduce load in a loop
so i need to learn to deal with shit i dont like doing
and teachers that i dont like
who dont like me

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so for the first couple years, ill have have one or two classes to take whatever or get ahead
salternatively, i can use the time to work
but the kind of work i do, its not so condusive to going to school full time
naw next class is calc
i need that shit
basically im going in as a freshman with general ed complete, two technical associates and mad industry experience
compared to most freshman, my loans are a bit less risky, heh

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once school and loans are settled, i prob blow my best buy credit on a tv
second half of a precalc class
so were done with polynomials
because you need to take it before they let you take calc
i fucked up and took the wrong placement test like 11 years ago
and you cant take it again
and when they let me skip before, they asked if i wanted to skip into calc
and i said wtf i havent taken a math class in like 10 years, how about trig?
so i finished trig, so now im at precalc
next semester i start
yup, have no started
basically i dont have to take GE

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plus crackers and ice tea sounds like gourmet shit
dont call ginger snap cookies crackers
also nom
either of those plus rosemary asiago = fuck ya
cheddar is cool
nothing wrong with cheddar
i binged three seasons of that in like a week
i dont think i can do it an hour at a time once a week

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yeah so you use a floating wart and gnd is whatever you connect it to
tho yeah, this can go wrong

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because we know too much
gauze: looks fine
if mine, i would do c3 vertical, line up with gnd, and 5V
and i would get the trace away from the xtal, bend it up a grid unit and over
besides that, its very pretty
i wonder if you did a 7805 schematic and put it in an art gallery how much it would sell for

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schottkeys are nice for this, more efficient
jero32: i dont know your application
so like, if voltage dropout is an issue, you can do your version with a schottky diode
or my version with a diode and a fuse (this has the lowest dropout voltage)
if money is an issue, just do what youre doing
if you want it to just work all the time, and youre always going to have over 10V, maybe use a full wave bridge
with a bridge, itll work if you plug it in backwards
but you need a floating supply (most are)
okay but the most badass solution: schottky full wave bridge
yeah a bridge needs the most voltage
yeah i like the crowbar and ptc
is this really just for an LED?
sorry stoned and windows was covering most of the bottom of schematic

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i think jero32 broke it
gpf: i think that might work
jero32: to protect from reverse voltage on the input, i would either use a full wave bridge
so it just doesnt fuckin matter
or use a reverse biased diode across C5
and then a fuse in series with the input before it
and try and make sure the diode will last longer than the fuse
its a 7805 so yeah youll need like what
with a bridge, like 8.5 without the bridge

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i was gonna ask this girl in math class if she wants to study buddy the last half of the class (trig stuff)

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somehow i think thats needs more parts
rab: hi

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about to be ripped off by a toyota dealer

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