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i have gpa and prereqs for transfering into the school
but id be basically starting as a freshman in terms of the engineering program
also im low priority
im already above 100 units, and have three associates degrees
right i went and worked in industry 50 hours a week for like 5 years
because i wanted to have a BSEE education in context
and i wanted to know what engineers do that piss off their techs (check...)
zeeshan: same
i didnt think i would do well in school again, was wrong

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im accepted in fall at the local state uni
very good school, best value education by far in southern california, nice campus, plus its literally home i grew up 2 miles from it
and the other two schools i applied to are just sitting on my application
if i dont find out in the next two weeks, by their intent to reguster deadline, im going to ask for my application money back

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but it basically means 3D machining on a 3 axis machine
so like, no overhangs, etc
but yeah, basically i need a pc
old one died in the shop at exjob
nope, got the fuck out
all sorts of wtf so school became higher priority
and when engineers i <3 were basically like, yeah itll suck to not have your help, but i think youre right you should go to school
school kind of became highest priority

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little, more mic/instrument preamps, more outputs
and i want to sell my 15" bass amp and get a bass preamp/DI thing
but yeah, as a rack effects unit for a guitar, awesome box is awesome
i got it today
i cleared out my storage in santa barbara
so i dropped off my cnc at friends garage
and i got a legit student license of solidworks
and it took me about 5 minutes to get hsmexpress plugin working (free! from autodesk, wtf)
im sick of fucking with that shit
i didnt pay for it
so i guess this is autodesks response to draftsight?
i dont know, looks deep tho so im guessing yes
2.5D is basically profiles and depth

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so like, you just dont burn all of it?
man this sucks
everybody wants to buy my thing and now i dont want to sell it
pod hd pro
rack mount multi effects USB interface
theres a newer version but this is priced to sell
i dont play guitar, and my bass doesnt sound so great through the guitar effects
like, theres that cold edge you kind of sense when fucking around with a guitar through the dsp
like, you dont sense it when playing bass through it, its just there
so all i used it for was a USB interface
and it would usually lock up after a few days to a week and need to be reset
and it was big
so i got a focusrite 6i6

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sorry distracted in another channel
and i phone three times before 3pm like, im going to need written notice
so i get home and door is locked
which means she was inside
(you can seriously get away with not locking your doors where i live)
so yeah tomorrow i think im going to file a police report
which sucks
so i have a message of her basically saying she wasnt going to wait for consent
lemme go check my po box maybe she actually sent me a letter
usually she just leaves envelopes in my screen door

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blackmoon: landlady leaves a voicemail while im gone like, im going to show your place at three, if youre not there im going to let myself in

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