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but you figure poor people feelin like theyre gonna file bankruptcy again
like, fuckit ill get that
pay the bill twice, ignore it
and someone credit card scam corp is floating a few more months
like, business goes under in under two years
but owner drives a ford gt
lives in this hills
rents the old office out as a porn studio
he invests in someone elses scam corp
and that guys makes mad profit as well
because unlimited desperate people more all the time

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i got my discover card on the phone in my car getting on a freeway
and at that end, when we had to review all the terms at once and i had to say yes, the call got cut off
card still came
and ive moved twice using it
and held a balance on it awhile
their response? LETS GIVE YOU $1000 MORE TO BLOW
im amazed how many envelopes i get is like, some bank i never heard of
like, 35% is the INTRO rate! hahaha
so like, here
prob 2/3 the country has these cards
no joking
prob 1/3 the country has this shit
yeah its pretty easy to bump my score
like i cut all balances in half and shit jumps 60 points in a couple months
this is now a slow average, heh
*is not a
and when i do check other credit agency scores and fico, the other scores are higher
its like, so what kind of crack have you guys been on
timecop: this is payday loan type trash, i dunno anyone who actually uses it

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yeah if im paying a fee at my bank its because i had them overnight courier a check signature required
im like, okay thats fair
im think snail mail checks are free

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