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because in an email you approved an engineering sample that didnt match a drawing

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characterize the shit then if theres only one
then break it, and note when it breaks, and verify against predicted headroom
thats when shit goes right
when you have not so much control over raw materials or manufacturing processes, things are not always going right
you absolutely DO NOT design with headroom, and assume you have that headroom because the shit works under normal use testing
they can figure out your safety factor and swap materials to hit published spec, wiping out your headroom, but still keeping to their contract

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its simple, repeatable, and very easy to translate into a real unit of measurement
same thing with measuring deflection of a spring
you just put weights
you can use diff weights and characterize linearity
based on some magical piece of reference FR4? heh
well yeah
how do you think you test the theoretical safety factor?
yeah systematically break that shit
if youre not doing it, someone before you better have
so you test a few and see variation if possible
or you test the fuck out of samples of the raw material
so yeah, the way this usually goes down, is there is a design spec, the design is done with as much headroom as can be afforded
we get or make a prototype, engineer hands that shit to me, i test it to make sure it hits spec

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lateral torque to snap a pole off its thread mount
like, the center axis of the pole, apply force perpendicular to that
right because where the fuck do you apply the rotational force?
right but youre going to do what?
pull on it while holding a scale?
start test, comedy or death ensues
thats weird
because you have to apply all force centered on a very specific location
and now calibration of the scale comes into play
tho using dumb weights, i was dealing with the same shit
for what i was testing, and what macegr wants to test, just hang weights off it

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anyway, had like 20 bigass transformers in a basket made out of a speaker grill
and 12awg to hang that shit from the pole at 2ft
at somewhere just above the torque of the CRX (80 ft*lb) the wires broke
slamming the transformer basket into the floor, scaring the shit out of marketing on the floor below
pole passed the test, totally scientific
how else do you test torque or force?
yeah but then how do you attach it?
and this method doesnt need cal
truth, its precision
someone did at some point
okay so how would you do the same test

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macegr: ?
so like, make your cross section
clamp it, hang a weight off it
even if you calc or FEA that shit, you still have to test it
heh, once i was asked to test the maximum torque of a thread mounted speaker mounting pole
when i asked for a limit, theyre like i dunno, so i decided to use the torque of my 86 CRX Hf as an acceptable limit

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why dont you want modular?

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i must have been buying right after they bought out a factorys used up bits

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they hardly got any drill bits anymore
i think i got replacements from them, worked pretty good
im sure i got router bits that i still use

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why do you need an air reg
they must have a truck full of them
so you can blow into them and blow them up, nice
prob enough for a pic and place
or a mandela robot

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