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yeah base CNC taig is $1100, is more now. no steppers, just the mounts for nema-23 motors

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i put the edge of the table on the sill of my toyotas rear hatch
then fold the legs up and slide that shit in
the column rotates in parallel with the Y axis, so you can just lay the column vertical and the thing isnt even 12" high mounted on the folded table

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mine is 12x6x6, just under, and it weighs 80 lbs
and its an anomoly, its so light
wtf @ $300
buy it, wont last long, but thats a decent price
that why i says get a taig
no the taig is bigger
if your 12x16 thing sits in like 2 x 1.5 ft
taig needs like 2x4ft
little less, i have it setup on a 2x4 folding table
heh, i get it into my toyota hatchback hospital gourney style

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so theyre servo controllers?
linuxcnc has a vector based output module, sounds like what you are doing
how a lot of the servos are driven, tho i dont necessarily think it needs to be closed loop
standard format?
no they sound like NC controllers
anyway, aluminum gantry routers with dremel spindle prob only good for like .005 in synthetics and wood, and can prob do the same in aluminum, be very very very slowly
itll go thru tooling way quick
that would be neat
sherlines suck but their 4th axis table is pretty cool
so when you say desktop you dont really mean desktop
yeah that sounds like a POS honestly

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if you want a mill, i highly suggest just buying the deepgroove1's taig turnkey setup from ebay
you get a taig, 4 larger steppers, and a 4 channel gecko step driver built into a chassis with a PSU
ive had mine like 8 years, i just cleaned it up, relubed, no tuning, and its the same fuckin mill as new
a couple months ago i would have sold you mine, heh
yeah those will barely do aluminum
so guess it depends what you are doing
you dont need to microstep
unless its ball screws with a really coarse pitch

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fuck i hate moving
a mill or a pussy router?

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18:39:04 < macegr> my eagle > pdf > inkscape > dxf > inventor workflow isn't exactly smooth, but way better results than eagle's dxf export

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