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i dont think that will be as a big a problem as people are afraid of
weve essentially been cybernetic since the industrial revolution
i think humans are more resilient than our technology, in terms of survival of networks
this wireless network is useless =(
i havent seen the last two or three lines ive types, totally blind

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govs make the rules
corps are very good at bending rules, but resources are very closely attached to the government which they reside
its a jurisdiction
at this point, corps still have to act like theyre following gov rules
i dont think itll be like that in 20 or 30 years
i think by then, govs will negotiate with corps to use international services

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so possibly its not sustainable at all, possibly you cant have successful, peaceful coexistance
because its the opposite of survival instinct, which isnt going to go away
so accepting the possible impossibility of peace at any scale, i think it is in everyones best interest to be capable of defending themselves
there will always be desperation, so there will always be those willing to harm other to survive
or you can be buddist, but true buddism is pretty kamikaze
i guess i was and then i thought about it more
i think ideals are something you aim for
no i dont think this is valid
guns are to kill people
effective guns are better at kkilling in a given situation
inside a home, where quarters are very tight, assault rifles and hand guns are the best self defence tools
every mother who loves their children should be able to operate small arms for guerilla warfare
mothers are fighting tanks on the open battlefields of west europe
wtf is a mother gonna do with a 4ft long hunting rifle in a hallway
same case for more ammo
more ammo can reduce lethal incidence
a mother is trying to get her children across a room in a home takeover situation
in a perfect world, she would have 30 rounds to put down cover fire while her children ran for safety

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anyway, religion, government, corporations, in the end its all just the use of power to take advatage of those with less power
this is applauded in our society
that is the issue
doesnt matter what you call it
only anarchy has ever existed, and people need to decided to work for the benefit of everyone instead of their very small group
this is the very antithesis of biological evolution

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religion is powerless to stop it, it seems, but religion is still making mad money so really its prob not a big deal to them
well right, there will always be issues at all levels, in all scales
the question is do you let people who are only interested in themselves and their close families benefit
its just terminology and details
in 30 years, govs will be as much ceramony as religion, and the majority of their power will be in issuing traffic tickets
because they wont be able to compete with cooperating corporations
right but that is in a sense just anarchy
an accumulation of power to overthrow another power, in this case a group of citizens versus governments
this is essentially how all modern governments began

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the argument that private citizens should not have the destructive power of nuclear weapons is bullshit
because the gov is made up of individuals, capable of commiting insane acts in groups
s/europeans/mfkrs\ in\ charge
business and government are as interchangable as religion and government
catbyte: thats how the idea was sold
religion and gov are basically interchangable
ya totally
government is global
and religions can be very local
in fact thats about the only credible aspect of religion, local gathering to worship together
theres like three huge nations playing off each other as if enemies while private corporations are preparing to make insane amounts of money

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its a lot of issues, but thats a big one
they want to live in fear of a gov, go back to where thats the goal
gov here should fear the people, as a matter of policy
fuck normal, government is a pretend human construct
only anarchy exists, only power for the benefit of family and friends
you can say you live in a free society, but if you cant defend yourself from it when justified, its pretend
its a religion
catbyte: thats because the goc wont let citizens have nuclear weapons or anti aircraft weapons
if the gov can deploy it, private citizens or groups of private citizens should be able to deploy it as well
no exceptions
or else the gov is bullshit, self serving, and only not abusive if it sees that as self seving
no exceptions

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that shits pretty funny

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