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central valley is 100F tomorrow =\

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because how will the audience understand its an electronic device without an LED
hence, LED
heh @ blinking

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tutoring the little geeks makes way more sense, for small moneys
i wont have time to maintain anything more than small moneys
and if i let other people run my thing, they will be practical and responsible instead of idealistic and faith in voodoo
and i cant be havin that
er, idealistic with faith in voodoo
i dont want to iron
moing sucks because your tshirts get wrinkled

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y cannot show
make youtube
i have an idea that i could think actually work
enough overlapping communities to make it look kind of big to each of them
but like, if i kickstart, and it works, than ill have to do stuff
i dont mind hard so much, just like the whole linearity of time thing
fuckin softies

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then i was like, wait why does he have a cat on his hackerbike

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looks like this is where the rockies go to get nuts
i hope my car <3s me tomorrow
its okay if it dies on the way back
fuck, 97F in bakersfield
for a sec i thought you were talking about your bike
i was like, fuck that sounds dangerous

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i have ideas but everything is kind of secondary to figuring out school for the next 3 or 4 years
fuck i have to pack
macegr: where in WA?
the fuck is that
near moscow
i know nothing about this part of WA

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i think my loan debt was like $7k total, and its subsidized
im taking 1/2 time course load now, and i dont have to pay
and this is for like, two AS deg and an AA
and in the end i think i made like ~$33/hr equiv, 5 years into my career
if this was about ROI, i would just keep doing what ive been doing
well, no
id work harder at making my boss look good
i never saw the jobs as more than just next phases of my education
ac-130u: youre assuming the business works, and you place low value on your time
most businesses dont work
and it would be kamikaze to try and start anything serious in the next year

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thats not the terms
thats maybe how it works out, if you get a job and nothing bad ever happens to you
its like health care
its because its for profit and they can get the providers to do the administration
and make their administration so inconvenient, no one wants to deal with them directly
people bitch at the schools and the state, meanwhile insurance companies and loan companies are making bank
the sad part is we sold this education as necessary to participate
and that learning trades was for losers
yeah its like 3x or 4x min wage at 40 hours/wk, here
but back to the original question
ac-130u: over maybe 20 or 30 years, ROI on the degrees i already have prob make going to university for 4 year degrees look retarded

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yeah i also want to go back to working on my own stuff
like, goal was to learn how to do shit irl, i did, so now done fucking off
blackmoon: haha
anyway money prob wont be an issue
especially if i like chico engineering
cost of living is like half what it is here
my credit isnt awful
tekrad: ive heard of loan payback setups like that
a state either just changed over to a setup like that, or are talking about it
like, 20% over 10 or 15 years, some shit
theres going to be a lot of fraud issues
no, fixed percentage of income over a given period of time
thats def not how typical student loans work

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because realistically i wouldnt finish any other way, and it was always known the more money i made, the worse going back was going to be
SB, you make a ton of money, kinda break even, standard of lining is alright, job was stable but stagnent indefinitely
and i wouldnt be able to get into the local uni
sp seemed like a good time to gtfo and go back to school
i dont give a shit

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id love to
but this year is pretty much about surviving and landing in some sort of stable academic situation
so like, basically the plan is to be poor for a couple more months
well, poor for about a year
because my expected family (me) contribution is like $18k
so im going to need unsubsidized loans, but i want to wait for my credit to get a bit better before i get enough to live, like, comfortably
ac-130u: because i made like $70k last year
this was always a known hurdle
fuck that you dont do my work and go to school
eject from career, full time course load, get loans

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but like, i missed gp of long beach, which i was a bit whatever about
missing laguna seca wasnt an option short of fucked up circumstance (which happened)

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oh shit tudor united is cheap compared to alms
or maybe parking is $$$
wait fuck its through the fourth
race is sunday not friday
this means i have get exgf to let me stay one more day
this is gonna be some precision irresponsibility
but like
i couldnt afford the trip
and the voodoos have forced me on the trip
(to check out a school about 400mi north)

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oh shit WA?
dude WA is beautiful
dude youre moving for a chick, shes your wife, or your bitch or your old lady or whatever
fuck harleys
seriously, belts?
belts are so pussy
its to make the ride smoother because the engine is so crappy
i have to scam my way into laguna seca
this weekend
time for chronodot 3000
time for chronodot 3000its good that exgf is letting me stay at her place, might actually have enough money for a ticket
wtf random up key

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trip out the wifi is working
so like, i always bitch about how wireless sucks
and i feel thats an educated analysis
but like, other peoples wifi is some jezus fuck shit
like, how do people live
also i think chico has fios
moving again or downgrading?
and you going to bay maker?
still tx?
or are you moving back to civilization
i was going to try and do like a fuckit money dont matter attempt at the trip
but chico accepted me last minute and i have 10 days to decide, so my fuckit trip is to check out the campus
same direction, three weeks early, sucks

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i still have those 7seg vfd tubes, preamp envelope size
crates of records plus stairs suck

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