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rangar: neat

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site looks legit?
cable is pretty good if its stable
are you in an apartment?
apartment cable is always crappy here, i think because so many unterminated spliced in lines to nowhere
dsl should just die already
like, cable cant even carry close to full bandwidth audio, lets put broadband data on it jezus wtf

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like how does someone think naming a company this is a good idea
cox was prob around 99% uptime
but i think in the year and a half of cox service, i had as many dropouts as like almost 10 years of TW service
TW in the san fernando valley was always bulletproof, speeds doubling every year or two
and FIOS in old topanga canyon was a trip
like, cant get phone reception, no city sewage, but they got 60mbit, stable
wait you cant get fios?
thats fucked i think i can get fios in chico

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i think i had comcast in SB
i dont even remember
nope, cox

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im not underestimating, i just think im likely to do better overloaded than underloaded
anyway, will find out
trying to get my exgf's apartment up there
so i dont have to fuck around looking for places
she got a job teaching someplace else, so she moves away when i move in
ccfl_man: i could just switch to EE, too
csu wouldnt let you to apply to two programs because of the high application count
well, i finish at least one
fuck man everyones an ME
front desk girl will tell you that shit wont work
aint no one faking they know EE shit
voodoo wizard shit <3
wtf school man
im talking about in industry
its a known ME frustration
yeah i <3 ee
electronics is possibly why im allve
`nico: i dont think ive ever heard anything good about comcast
like, TW and verizon, in between the bitching there is like, HOLY FUCK WOW THIS IS AMAZING

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but first 3 years is like, split ME and EE, then you have the mechatronics projects
which mostly look like 3rd party sponsored industrial controls projects
ccfl_man: heh
zeeshan|2: also i might just do it over a longer period of time
because im pretty sure after completing half of an EE, im going to want to finish
i dont think its easy i just think im capable
but yeah 1st semester im pretty sure im going to take min req load
and just try and settle in
be nice to have a place and know im not going to move soon
same answer, itll be a struggle but i think im capable if i decide i want to do it
pretty sure thats most schools
and a lot of those people prob had no idea what engineering involved
its not like im green, heh

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rab: noice
i guess as of today i am official a chico wildcat
paid registration deposit
cost of housing is 1/3 of what im used to
BS mechatronics
tho im going to try and wiggle into a double major
BSEE and BS mechatronics
which isnt really two BS as much as 1.5 since mechatronics is half EE
intro ME stuff and maybe an EE course
well, yeah
4 semesters of it most likely
but no gen ed, i got that covered
so i have 1 - 2 courses free, normal flow
for like 2 years
so either take it easy, or try and do EE coursework
right but i wont be working
i know

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the driver is a stupid fuck
but it isnt his fault
ccfl_man: heh
iv-8 is 7seg?
yeah i have rigid pin versions of those
or similar
mine are maybe iv-11 or something
theyre super fuckin sexy lit up tho
make traditional nixies look like trash
rab: wtf @ nixie font
fuck all that
7 seg in cyan > ugly font in orange
seriously i had absolutely zero interest in tube displays until i saw the 7seg VFDs

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race driver isnt a fucking safety engineer
they tell him do burnouts, he does burnouts
you dont prosecute a rally driver who hits fans
they will usually pull out of the series
because they probably didnt know there would be drag racers doing burnouts
in a normal drag race, youre absolutely right
i think if you stand at the rail of a drag race, and you are hurt, its on you
or your parents
but in this case, it seems to just be a parade
the organizers are at fault
i dont think he got hit
whatever they shouldnt have been drag racing
he would be stupid, but i dont think hes responsible
thats drag racing
thats how you prep the track for your start
and he fucked up and oversteered
again, race driver is a race driver
race drivers fuck up
its the responsibilities of the organizers to make sure spectators are safe

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09:14:03 <@BlackMoon> and the brakes seized up to the point where I had to hammer at them for 5 minutes with a drift pin to remove the brake rod thingys that push against the pad
heh ^
zeeshan|2: wasnt his fault really
unless he organized the parade

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brick = floating anvil

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wtf is that
blackmoon: is a diff, transaxle, or steering box?
im guessing transaxle for a gocart or lawnmower or some shit
blackmoon: cmon man, if they printed a model number on it they wouldnt be able to use the mold for other parts
you would complain, why do all these different parts have the same model number
oh there is more pics
= transaxle
wtf is the flywheel looking thing?
i was thinking like, cars/motorcycles, orientation seems all on crack
but yeah for a mower that kinda seems like itd work
fix the lever with a brick and a rubber hammer

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`nico: specifics?
oh just channel cycling
blackmoon: heh
so cute tho!

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you have a bsee?
or youre in a bsee program?

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