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mostly youre complaining about turbo car issues
id get an FR-S if i was looking for that kind of car
and it has even less power
but handling supposed to be way better

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05:46:52 < Macgyver0> and lol at "Amazing korean car"
its basically the new miata
the FR-S, the new supra concept, and the 510 reboot concept wouldnt exist if it wasnt for the genesis coupe
america has an overpriced, overweight mustang to compete
and before the genesis coupe lit a fire under its nuts, my car (scion tc) was basically the passion of toyota
which is sad
mjstang barely goes fast
and it definitely doesnt go fast *and* turn
its definitely a go fast *or* turn car
over massaged throttle is so fucking annoying
my gas pedal is like a linear taper pot when you should have audio tapered

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at least youre self aware
you like it?
i have a friend whose only complaint is there isnt a switch to cut the boost
hes like, it cuts the boost when im low on gas, why cant i do that shit whenever i want
heard the transmission is kind of sloppy

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03:32:09 < hamie> so im wiring up a trailer to my genesis
wtf why are you ruining it
this is an amazing korean car at an exceptional cost
i dont think there is a lot of headroom built into it, heh
and this is assuming you mean the genesis sedan
if youre doing this to a genesis couple, youre an idiot and an asshole

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then your headphones suck
you shouldnt want to listen to headphones anywhere near their max operating power
would sound shit
would just hurt

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wish you were here
which sound card did you end up getting?
jero32: ^

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