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teknique: i like the asshole on jalopnik
but yeah thats pretty much just a /r/cars filter

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but i didnt want to talk about this very long =\
ihave to tell the family i moved in with i ended up decided to go to school 500 miles away
no why would i
im their tenant not their kid
i give them 30 days notice and rent, prob move out sooner, they come out ahead
stay at moms, avoid family by kicking it at friends place
prob end up babysitting a lot
moving sucks
feel like a fucking gypsy

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what do you mean element type
anyway, seemed pretty useless without making fixtures to test stuff with
yeah but you have to make a fixture to actually hold the shit like it would be in its application
like, make a face static and putting force on some random edge doesnt seem all that realistic
motor at the end of a quad arm
like, you can just make an edge static, and put pressure on the mount holes
but thats a bunch of bullshit
doesnt take into account stiffness of the motor or how its being mounted onto the rest of the frame
looks neat tho
right because if youre going to do one thing...

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that was cool
how good is the basic FEA shit in solidworks?
that shit was stupid easy to figure out
yeah figured
that sucks

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but its on my bookmarks bar, so at some point i thought it was cool
its pretty ugly tho
but i guess it can actually tell where on the pad you punched it
so each pad hit you get an X/Y/Z value back
which is kind of cool, thats how reason does mouse clicks for its KONG thing, the MPC clone
like, the higher on the pad you click, the higher the velocity value
i would trust that more for modulation than normal pressure based velocity

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someone dide a tetris to midi interface i guess?
easiest way to do it
dont need to fuck with drivers, can reuse the code on anything
timecop: i bet its like $100 from their factory
big money are the encoders, the display, the cap touch
and thats not a ton of money
everything else is like plastic and rubber any random timecop could design
timecop: http://shop.keithmcmillen.com/p/quneo
i wouldnt want to buy that until i had actually messed around with one for a few minutes, though
and i dont remember where i got the link from

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mass production inspection is where the money is in 5 years
sketchup is really annoying
i dont know how macegr does it
whats aramis
so like visualization
analysis, QA stuff
super cool
oh hmm
thats maybe the new roland thing
dude i think thats some small shop shit
its too clean
ugly display
people are paying it
NI stuff is pretty cool

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yeah because i dont think theyre doing to drop $1500 for 10 student seats of solidworks
so coding by hand is prob how its done
yeah that shit feels so broken
timecop: what are you using for cad?
are you thinking of freepcb or freecad?
ha, nice
prob more relavent than autocad
why use autocad when you can just download draftsight
and if you got money or pirat, why not just use solidworks for everything
timecop: does dicktrace has measurement/dimensioning tools?
or you were like, counting grids
pro/e is fucking annoying
or catia, theyre trying to ditch the bad taste in peoples mouths
its inspection software?

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jezus fuck my sister is gonna drive me nuts
but least i can cook
i did a red rice
fuck tradition, my red rice is so much better than grandmas
The PonoMusic Store uses FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
so its a flac player
thats cool i guess
they could have said that
zeeshan|2: local hackerspace is looking for people to teach classes for 30% of the class fees
it was 40% when dude emailed me a month ago
i have to see whats up with how they deal with course material
as long as they dont try and claim ownership of created course materials, i think im down

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when your competition is non IEM ear buds, its easy to impress the customers with over ear cans
wtf is ponomusic
timecop: yeah man, 3 paragraphs and no specs
other than the best ever
start wat
is it fall
who starts classes in may
quarter system?
im taking a couple classes at the local cc
for a few more weeks
then i dunno, i gotta make some money for a couple months
then move
yeah maybe
hung out at moms

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rab: or <$200 for ath-m50
or <$100 for MDR-7506
rab: beats music is pretty cool
im not sure if i like it as much as MOG but the canned playlists are nice when youre driving or hanging with people
and fuck ton of full albums
unlimited playback for like $10/mo
if their purchase includes the music streaming service, they might just be doing it to increase exclusive content and kill off a competitor
also the marketing of the headphones prob puts tears of pride into the eyes of apples corporate conciousness
05:16:48 < zeeshan|2> beats makes good products
its just skull candy 2.0

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