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wow i think i was talking to a scammer
hes like, were not part of the government, but he gives a gov sounding agency name, then he gives a .gov website that doesnt exist, then he hang up
sounded like an indian guy

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if its timecop, my guess its 120A for 10us
i think the big ones are for wires and the little ones are for conducting
and my guess its its just a power breakout for motors or controllers
its gonna vcary depending how its soldered, is my guess
he should get the vias filled
timecop: get the fuckin vias filled
yes fab houses will do that, but theyll prob charge him more or make him wait longer

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so ((OD area) - (ID area)) * vias
and the you have to figure out the volume based on copper thickness
im pretty sure close vias will work out better than slots
okay so assuming noise gets worse at higher frequency, and noise is white so on a log freq scale it should, i think its prob better to record faster records at slower speeds, filter out noise at a lower frequency, then speed the shit up

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so like, normal drum and bass records, 45rpm, you play them at 33rpm and theyre like breaks from the devil
so what if i recorded them at 33, at 96khz sampling
filtered the noise at 10khz * 33/45
and then pitch shifted up
like, somehow i think i get less noise this way
like, i am filtering out more of the noise not actually in the recording
so like, simplified, i think your contact areas are the sum of the areas of the via rings

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rab: inner tracks were sometimes mastered differently from outer tracks to keep bass from making the needle hop
rab: i think RIAA filtering is probably pretty pleasant, in terms of how noise is distributed
so like i was stoned falling asleep and i think i maybe thought of something useful
holy shit thats cool, mki had individual pitch controls

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