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its all about [====]
european resistors, american electrolytics

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reading audio chip datasheet
thats actually kind of cool
i/o is a bit random

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if its sata, yeah

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rab: camber in the vid is for stancing
you need the suspension bits to adjust the wheel orientation so it fits under the fender
thats it
that with active suspension is tasteful
because the tires are actually the right width for the wheel
and the shit actually looks drivable

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rab: its a useful amount of travel on a flat track or parking lot
most road courses have elevation changes tho, so its not even great for a track car
but if your thing is attacking cones faster, lowered car with very stiff suspension and stupid fat anti roll bars actually makes sense

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fuckup your wheels, your tires, all your suspension bits, rides like shit
unless you autocross your dd
then youre kind of a badass, assuming you actually have the right side tires for your wheels, and the right size wheels for your car

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its to fit the tires under the fender lips
purely aesthetic
because they want to put they big wheels that are too wide
if they put the tires for the wheel, the shoulders of the tread would rub the fender lip and inside on the body
so they put smaller width tires and whe sidewalls have to flare out to seat on the wheel
and they get more clearance, so they can basically have the lip of the fender almost kissing the lip of the wheel
so adorable
minimal sidewall tires are dumb for performance on the street anyway

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random dell pc controller, i can half step at 30ipm but quarter stepping is pushing it
full stepping sounds so awful

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like, it doesnt really have problems as tight as i have it setup, does 30 ipm rapids without ever fucking up
and i can lean on the table and it doesnt give a fuck. whole thing is mounted through rubber isolators so you lean on the table and whole machine moves
i think with bigger motors i can prob step way faster
and gecko drives

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oh wtf
tekrad: if they did the suspension right the stupid tires wouldnt fit the body
stancing is stupid
im fucking tired
second hand baby exposure is kind of draining
also: i want bigger motors for my cnc so bad

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