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thats a lot of tea
well whats a super fucking good white or green tea
why is it cat poop
thats got the coolest box

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thats pretty cool
my iranski friend and his russian wife use something kind of like it
has a metal screen
how about that
i need to get a math tutor
i was going to be like, beginning of next semester
but fuckit i still have a final i should get one now
no not now im like math decompressing because i did a test

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i dont like my tea to pussyfoot, yo
hmm thats cheap
i like what this article is saying about tea
took it forever...

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thats a good point
well no
i love tea
but fuck it makes me pee so much
only because i drink so much
but still
how do that work and what they are
i can get a tea pot, me and ex gf seem to be getting along
shes a ceramics geek she prob has lots
why gongfu
i like strong tea

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and oolong is just a specific type of green tea?
wtf is white tea
oh so its green
not green tea, like green fresh
okay and white tea is like, baby tea
yeah but im just trying to figure out the basics
white tea is good

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i dont know if its expensive i dont know how much 50 grams of tea is
how do they make the diff teas
wow i am like 10% more excited about life than 2 hours ago
yeah but green/white/black/oolong are prob all distinct process?
no its not hobby yet i cannot afford hobby
no affording things
like im seriously considering getting a TV on credit at best buy just so i can sell it
hmm, neat
but yeah im not so broke i cant buy the one you linked
but yeah, hobby means lots of buying
lots of buying bad

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how much is 50 grams
no i mean how much tea is that
can i make large batches
haha what if i just put it in the electric kettle
okay so growing tea, bad
back to weed and tomatoes i guess
if i grew it like weed im sure i would succeed
but jezus fuck thats some expensive tea

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green tea, kinda sweet, not flowery tho
and its prob not as good as tea junkie shit, but tejava is credible strong black tea
no i can ask though
how long does tea last
or does it just kind of change over time
or is it totally variable because all the diff processes

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well, unsweetened shit at least
it would be if i was comparing nestea or some other tea powder based shit
youre a snob, walk into any sev, and production tea is pretty much the only thing taste to drink
los angeles
but theres like, coke, red bulls, monsters, blue gatorades, or tea
then in tea, theres like, sugar water ant food with chem flavors types
and then theres the just tea and water and preservative types
the citric acid preservative ones are tasty
and then theres tejava, which is just tea
the family im living with drinks tea at dinner
i only hung out with them once, when we watched the clippers win after the sterling thing dropped
and the guys tea was good
i had prob 4 or 5 cups

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i <3 tejava
ice tea in a glass bottle
ice just tea and water
strong as fuck
no sugar or citric acid just fuckin tea
but its pricey
of the alternatives, the ones with just citric acid seem to be the best
sweet thanks
and whatever mass production tea is still tea

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synth: http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.greencoffee.mvc.php?coffee_type=new#list
also i got hookups from #cars
i want to grow tea i think
coffee seems like a bitch to process
but tea seems pretty simple
hmm k so it takes a few years before harvest....
honestly i dont know much about tea
i like black more than white, and white more than green
i wanted to do an automated grow setup
so this would be a great start
i drink so much tea

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tho whole foods and sprouts carry few diff light roasts now, so maybe i just buy it
honestly coffee from a machine, from a coffee shop, from a can in the grocery store
its all medium and dark, all tastes like burnt ass
oddly i like my meat well done, shrug

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ino effort when i was working, it was just there
right now im staying in a room, and the families kitchen is way cluttered so i dont use it
like, i used to pressing a button on a robot and having my coffee allocated
yeah but i ice it and chug it quick, so whatever
when i give a shit, i light roast raw beans in a hot air popper

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synth: for any given freq, you add a tuning value to a pointer, the tuning value can be fractional to deal with very long wavelengths
so the DAC will sit on a sample for more than one cycle
for short wavelengths, you add values greater than one, so you skip samples
hit the end of the wavetable, and wrap around
so once you know the tuning values, all youre doing is adding values to accumulators, multiple voices is extremely easy as youre basically just adding an addition and a lookup for each voice for each cycle
because they sell a chip for radio applications
i miss coffee

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its cool if you just want to make it to see it spin
you know i dont purse a lot of my idea in the last couple years?
because im afraid theyll work
and then id have to run a business
also because want to be able to focus on school at first instead of shit that would make me successful and rich
because idealistic and foolish
synth: google 'AD DDS', analog did a good article on it for efficient digital implimentation using n^2 length wave tables
tho its easy enough to do with arbitrary length wavetables, but you have to divide by that value
thats not DDS timecop
thats DDT, which is a banned pesticide
please to try at offending again

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synth: ur making a synth?
also wtf @ med school
ha @ underclocked RF chips
oh its not radio FM
i just looked at 3 words
so its a wave table synth?
you can do that on literally anything
i can prob do it on a 20MHz AVR with tons of voices
it says sine table lookup
so to do FM, you just have two pointers
and then you add the pointer location values

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