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what do you mean, ,fucking with peoples money is the whole reasons those systems work the way they do
banks probably have systems that track the inputs and outputs of the clearing house systems so they know when they can take from the pool and when they have to put it back
they have to be able to display the info to the customer, so the systems are basically already there
i kind of want to sell my toolboxes
jezus fuck man

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right, so you better at least figure out how to do that
anyway, its going to collapse, and theyre going to use that as an excuse to make even more money
and people will be angry that no fallback system was ever made, but it wont matter because the people with the money make the rules
the shuttle was rock solid technology, no need to replace
...and then they started blowing up
no more shuttle, rely on our biggest enemy to get our shit to and from the space station we paid for

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i now
it happens between 1 and 2 am for my shit
the nightly batch shit is bullshit, that maybe made sense in the 80s
i doubt that
the whole infrastructure that piggybacks on that shit is made of new gear
because they make money on it being stuck
because they make money off the way it works
pay me, sure
you run the shit in parallel for a year or some shit

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i almosy got an acct with local CSU credit union
but now im going to another school far away, dunno what banks are like up there
i just spend that shit
bank interest is a joke
i wouldnt even know how to explain that to younger people

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checks are stupid
deposit check, wait 5 days
its fucking 2014
that sucks
well its just an excuse for them to sit on money, double spend it
but shit doesnt take days to process anymore
they need a new excuse or some shit
even if your own acct?
heh, my bank doesnt overdraft
i have a line of credit at some decent rate
i think its up to $160
i use it too much lately
its funny when i had actual OD fees, i never went over

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also, you can bias the table in one direction so its always on one side of the screw
i dont think so
and ballscrews are stupid coarse
like, i basically have 1mm pitch
ha nice hack
lubricated delrin doesnt really wear against smooth surfaces
zeeshan: with your ball screw, it would be hard for the cheap pc i bought to drive 30 ipm, half stepped, 20tpi threads

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yeah im saying, if it doesnt work dirty its not great in an industrial environment
i dont see what the big improvement is over leadscrews
bullshit it prob slides all the time
it prob has backlash when it isnt even changing directions
also theres play in any ball bearing
also zero doesnt exist in real machining
effectively my machine is zero backlash right now, according to .001" instrumentation
youre throwing parts at a problem that doesnt exist
backlash isnt a problem in 2014 with standard implimentation of any type of screw
rab: delrin and brass nuts that can be tightened are cheap as fuck and way effective
also, brass and delrin on a ball screw with good way oil wont wear much at all
also, there are more then one sprung type of nut that would work

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rab: i mean like, the comman accepted ones
like, ive thrown my cnc in the back of cars and trucks several time, been setup and broken down several times
prob hundreds of hours of cycle time at least, its like same machine
and my shit doesnt even use ball screws
its just 20tpi threaded rod, and brass clamping nuts
and my shit has like .0005~ backlash after tuning
like, all this tech into the leadscrews and ways, and their usually bolted to plywood and mdf and other flexible trash materials
a dial test indicator
mounted in the spindle
against the side of a 123 block
measured at three points across the X, longest axis
and it was like .001 in one spot and under .005 in the other two
zeeshan its an 80 lb machine
its not pushing a 200lb table
rab: my taig works fine with the Z screw and ways covered in chips

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fuck that!
because it prob doesnt work long term
and is probably crazy sensitive to loads
so now youre running a feedback system
rab: 3d printer people build machines that look like theyll last 6 months

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because product manager was on one

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sealed beams = flip up lights = failures which cause light to be complertely non functional
could cost hundreds to fix
everything sucks at first
thats totally the sexiest vette body
by far, theyre still just remakking the body style
heh, to awesome to even design a truck lid into it
real mfkrs have cubby holes

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you should wax them with the rest of the car
my cars headlights are super clear, theyre like 8 years old
almost all the honda accords are clear still, and thats a 20+ year old car
replacement = buy new bulb, pop into back of housing
car companies who used cheap shit are prob to blame for the foggy lights
truth ^

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sculptor: super ambient

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i should check grow forums about grow LEDs
if they figure out the right spectrum
LED only beats fluero if you get the spectrum right
and doesnt seem to come close to HID
sculptor: cannabis isnt illegal to grow here
grow forums are by far the best resource for growing real plants in controlled environments
when the world start growing its own food in its own home year round, a lot of it will be because of stoners
theyre not LED?
or theyre LED + HID
thats kind of cool for growing then
assuming sodium or metal halide bulbs
those would be awesome lamps for veg
they fire LEDs at phosphor or something?
fire lasers

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lots of string pads
and plinky synth for the digital sounding sections
fuck its an hour
plinky synth sounds seems to be game music for technical soundscape
wtf is legit
so go to the hydro shop
they prob dont even really keep inventory!

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game theme musics?
mine was not concentration music it was break core, its like freaking out music
he calls this a mix but there was like a 2 sec gap between first and second track =\

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drama, get some mean wells
prob cheaper too

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only works for veg

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teknique: haha, hacker
i wonder if the resistance change in the strip due to temp change is accounted for
or its just a hack and slash, turn the knobs until it seals the shit right type of deal

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