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rab: to do 1/8 scale laguna seca i only need 400 x 500 ft of land!
only 4.6 acres
almost looks like laguna seca already

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awesome, bant by the head BTC dev in under 5 minutes for pointing out humans are 1% sensory perception devices
he was annoyed i agreed with him for the wrong reason
and they wonder why everyone likes the doge people better

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would be fun to have one but i wouldnt want to have a business based on one
whats a curtis-wright engine?
or its non-wankel somehow

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cmon you wouldnt pay $10 to race for 20 minutes on a mini laguna seca and mini spa?
mini corkscrews and mini eau rouges ftmfw
less serious about the a10, but the go kart thing might actually be doable
so did we
theres never been one in malibu
that closed down in the early mid 90s
and it was flat
then there was pepes go karts by the icoplex, but thats gone im pretty sure
there is new electric stuff, like in pacoima, but i havent been
rab: i wouldnt do anything except like, electric motor into a diff
rather avoid the gas motor drama

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these scientists propose to add armor to the a10
they might be on to something
(wtf, heh)
rab: me and a friend got drunk and did all the math, my electric go karts on 1/8 scale replica tracks idea is totally profitable
i totally have enough for an a10 this time next year
two a10

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#electronics should buy an A10
gov is stupid doesnt want them =(
i dunno
fly around in it and make the gun make the cool noise
but then it prob gets taken away
=( =( =(

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solderless breadboards are why i deadbug anything quick
yeah i like the stk500 ports, the idc cables are nice

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doubt thats real
rab: three byte port headers + vcc + gnd?
nm i see the blocky silk that says yes

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i have to go i think
i guess i dont have to but itd be nice to do something today
i was clicky productive!

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you dont have a choice
ebay told my to fuckoff try later
im not joking when i was on ethernet and cable, i would snipe at like 2 seconds
and it got the bid in every time
people bitch, but if they just put in the amount they had budgeted, they would win if it was more

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i do like the last 2 seconds =\
well, used to
dunno if thatll fly over shit wifi
i dont use a browser, heh
wtf no, this is too important for toys
and honestly, no

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its not like i do everything on the cnc zee
in fact, its rather sad how much shit i dont need the cnc for
and yet there are manual machines in every cnc shop
honestly a lot of shit i dont even need machine tools
you dont make any sense
you need to think of good reasons
you dont have tits or a vagina
you need logical reasons to win
well then bid more
sniped bids are by far the most fair form of bidding
youre not supposed to bid in tiny increments, ebay autobids so you never overpay
youre supposed to enter the amount you want to pay at the start
if he enters more, he will win even if i snipe at a half second
not unless someone else has big just under his bid
if youre worried about driving up the price, dont bid early
why the fuck do people bid like 4 days before the end

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but yeah, why am i not doing this on a machine if possible
the original argument was, you dont do it for small tools
even tho ive seen these tools all over at trade shows since 5 years ago
fuck you im bidding
you're a canadia ?!!? !? hahahaha
im gonna snipe, you will LOOSE!
uh, yeah
and fuck you guys, i think milling small threads on a mill is cool

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any faster and you break shit and scrap parts
not every time, but enough time i wont go fast ever anymore
so yeah, $3 a hole for a clean bottom tap, and every hole takes maybe 30 seconds, im down
why not so deep
also why would i hand tap if the machine can do it
srsly why
and $50 isnt crazy expensive for a tool
the PCB mills i used were $20 each and they broke if you looked at them too long
for less wobble
hey i win
on to the next one
also i usually tap past my screw length
its stronger than cutting the metal, too
so how much is a good form tap

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the fucking tap
what diameter
you realize im talking about like, #4-40 and #2-56 type shit?
like, #10-32 is way huge
going deep with big shit isnt hard
going deep with tiny taps is fucked
especially in soft metal
how long
i mean time, sorry
what % thread?
and they were blind or through?
yeah thats a lot easier
haha you can just blow to clear a lot of the chips
yeah forming taps seem neat
the flues in taps is what takes all the strength out of them
but like, for me, #4-40 in like 1" of blind aluminum is like, 10-15 min a hole easy

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if that can do 20 holes thats under $3 a hole
do you know what kind of drama tapping small holes that deep is?
this is assuming youre awesome and you never break a tap
sure ive done it how long did it take you
youre awesome, how long did it take you
in what?
okay my taps suck then
well, they do suck, but iver used good taps and it doesnt go like an order of magnitude quicker
they just dont break after tapping 4 holes
i usually tap shit like aluminum and copper, too
they get stuck way more
what size how deep
zee what is hard to tap
so basically taping is easy
bottom tapping
what size

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i decided in like 6 years, 40 is gonna be the new 20s
rab: i have more stuff and somehow with more worries i am less worried
they have this thing called trucks
and they put your shit on trucks
and it just fuckin shows up right in front of you
is like transporter in star trek
so like, if that worked
and i really dont understand how it wouldnt if the machine could hold low backlash or compensate correct
dont break it
it says $57
but its a lightly loaded tool
its almost a finish tool

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only with forklifts and cranes
add trucks to dock
30 for the 5th time
well in two days
no 34
no like, 28, 29, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30
i think those are all normal taps
no flutes
rab: everyone is like, 30s is the new 20s

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you have a reflow toaster?
or something more legit
heheh cool
how do you reflow women? and children?
rab: i dunno, prob something about longer lead times
Tool Crib
itd be like the 80s bartending game

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most of those guys have converted standard mills
yeah thats not a micromill man
right thats already way more shit than my machine got and that im willing to spend on it
and tapping is annoying
also it sounds like tapping heads are fucked up expensive and large
rab: heh red heat friction tapping is so fuckin sexy
sculptor: linuxcnc on freenode

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rab: scary
rab: so you cut the hole oversize, im guessing?
that link wont work
they make one but it looks too big

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i cant tell from that pic =\
no i mean for the tools
taps wear down pretty fast usually
i like the thread mill stuff because they seem to be able to bottom fine and they should last a long time
how the fuck do your taps last forever do you do all your shit like 50% thread?
you can get both from china i gaurantee
dude all i use is the small taps
big taps arent a problem big threads are fucking easy
i tap a 3/8 like all day
so yeah, spiral flutes seem like the only thing sane to just jam a bottom tap into a hole at like 80% thread with
and like, i dunno how many times itll do that
t wrenches are cheap?
oh those t wrenches
not t handle wrenches

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because they were only run once
basically cut once, chased once
which is cool, locks them in =)
so what is the smallest tapping head you can get?
and how do they do at bottoming blind holes
and how long do the tools last

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def not gonna work for any sort of bench machine, heh
zeeshan: fancy shit breaks
why not?
for a thread mill?
why would it just break
how mini do you think that is?

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and it dulls and stops cutting, starts chewing
zeeshan: taps arent CNC
and in the future i want to try and use thread mills
cnc tapping is some fucked up shit
you or i dont have a servo spindle
so we arent doing it
no shit?
youre just going to jam a tap in a rubber tap holder?
yeah fuck all that
and why would i want to do this versus just using a thread mill?
if your machine has the hp to do that, it prob has the speed and hp to spin a thread mill down a hole in a few seconds
do you have to rever the spindle head?
all the ultra experienced cnc jockeys i knew cringed at reversing spindles
okay so this sounds like an expensive complicated thing that probably isnt super fucking reliable

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zee im saying you can cut like that all you want on manual machines
you do stupid shit like that one a cnc you waste and break machines
rab: hss will bend and jam in the work
fuck hss
i wouldnt use it on a cnc mill
and on a cnc lathe, i wouldnt use it for more than a one off thing or jobber drills
rab: i use carbide on wood and plastic all the time
especially for wood, its hard on HSS because of the heat

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okay so youre saying for machining non round shit on a lathe
yeah fuck all that man
im doing that on a cnc, with carbide, behind a shield
i wouldnt even attempt on a manual machine
for what?
youre trying to get rid of all the hex?
right did you want to get rid of the hex
you prob do
you cant do retarded shit like that on a cnc
manual machines you have a lot of tactile feedback
no going stupid deep because it works for that specific dumb application
yeah you do that for 6 hours
greymoon: heh yeah the load gauges are awesome

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id rather have a shit finish than a fucked part and a damage machine
i wont ever use HSS other than for jobber drills
zeeshan: made in the usa will start sharper probably
but it still dulls, its just what carbon steel does
its soft pussy cutting metal
zeeshan: http://stores.ebay.com/attitudecarbidecuttingtools/
zeeshan: i was in a machine shop like 3 days a week for a couple years working on manual bridgeports
hss dulls, carbide chips
hss = jobber drills
if youre snapping carbide you not calcing speeds and feeds or something retarded
when you fuckup and have to change the tool in the middle of a cycle?

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alot of those tools are just unfinished carbon steel
right, drop them 2 inches and bent a tip
ive seen it just dipped past the edge of the edges
and also up to the shank
right but usually carbide tooling, they will ship in holders
what machinist doesnt have a fuckton of little plastic tubes lying around
i have not gotten fishnet endmills, no
oh i think i have seen that
its expended sheet, like the steel grates
they do it in paper too, digikey ships it, my mom really likes it
also cats
zeeshan: sec i have link
i would highly recommend only using carbide for CNC
HSS dulls and stops cutting
which you can detect when youre manually machining
because inreased load
HSS just stopped cutting
will lock up the machine
carbide doesnt dull as much as it chips
sharp edges, itll usually still cut
well yeah because you just completely broke the shit off
but thats not tool wear thats being an idiot
hss is hss
it dulls
carbide chips and still cuts

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lps2 is awesome
its like lps2
thats what i would spray the CNC router rails with
5x10 ft machine, lps2 was specd in the maintenance manual
prob for small machines
very low load, because lps2 is pretty thin
yeah im saying its probably extremely thin so it works for light load tiny parts
lps2 was light, but this machine weighed tons so its kinda relative
not sure i would spray the inside of some dial indicators with it
or a watch
lps3 is like storage
lots of router bits are shipped kind of like that
covered in a goo, its not even a wax
kind of comes off in one piece tho
im not even sure if its different than the wax stuff, maybe just isnt as dried out
i think its just anything to keep the cutting surfaces from hitting air

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some of them are prob adjustable valved
well right the oil is gonna set the range of the adjustments
i think typically hydraulic oil is pretty thin, tho
for consistent flow in fucked industrial situations

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60kph is like 30mph?
ive prob been towards 40mph on my 24" bmx going down hills
because if something breaks, youre gonna die
greymoon: you know those CF forks im always worried about shattering?
i actually checked the rider weight limit, im like 90 lbs over, heh
mine is 6061 except for the fork (CF and steel), stem and cranks
rims are aluminum
heh, ew
way oil is the greatest shit

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audio cards?
i really dont know, but ive always assumed the negative rail was for legacy audio
because wtf else do you do with 500mA?
and yeah i wouldnt expect it to be broken out externally

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note her head goes from he belly button to her knees
confirmed as terrifyingly huge
thats her skirt!
you are not the first person to say this =\
#electronics doesnt pussyfoot

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rab: i guess because was making tits proportional to sticks
but yeah, proportion is why i fail at art things =(

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we were making joke about mic at the end of a foam tube for spoken word
some guy in #cars needs to feed the interns
but i pasted them that actual solution, and they were all dissapointed
so i made this: http://i.imgur.com/kCJwR5K.jpg
everyone much happier with this solution

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Mechatronic Engineering
Critical Thinking (A3) is waived.

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im hungry
i think its turkey bagel sandwich time

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