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and even if you set it up perfect its just going to change after a few weeks of use

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zeeshan: backlash never seems consistent on any size machine ive measured, because besides the leadscrew nut, theres like play along leadscrew axis, and then how the table and ways kind off bind up when changing direction
it totally changes with load and table position
like you can take bunch of measurements, lean on the table, do it again get different set of measurements
dont change anything, do it again, diff measurements
tightening up gibs helps but then you prob can rapid as fast

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neat at 150ipm
blackmoon: are you talking about 3 mils on a manual to cnc conversion?
i always thought was neat how manual machines could have like massive backlash, like .1" easy, and it pretty much didnt matter

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zeeshan: toroids are just good at minimizing noise
other features include being expensive, and not handling as much power for the $$$/materials
but if youre going to do an audio amp, nothing better than donut power

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and they def hire on contract, they wanted to hire me like that until they realized what they had
i was permanent but they hire as contract pretty often
heh, my green ME friend was an intern for almost a full year before they hired her
bunch of silly excuses like they didnt have a manager for her

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because school
mechatronic engineering
but im going to try and double major in EE since like almost half of mechatronics is EE
then i would be like 2/3 EE, 1/3 ME
yeah but money is going to be tight this summer
unemployment ends like end of june, loans dispersement isnt until august
so yeah trying to score summer intern thing
friend got my resume in at some RF place in camarillo, friend of his from college, maybe that works out
which one?
ok thanks
and was i contract or do they hire contracts?

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man you guys talk a lot
`nico: smart companies enable users to support other users!
lets take an 8 hour nap
im prob here until like mid august
moving to chico

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cool, got invited to a mitutoyo open house
maybe i get free japanese inspection stuff!
(from brazil!)

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