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enable all layers in some config dialog

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and you set working coordinates to 0,0
try fucking with the sheet dimensions
wtf @ defaults to
see if there is some page setup shit where you can set origin of sheet or some shit
so you just have to be aware at the beginning
so if your board is bigger than a sheet, do you scale the board down somehow?
or is the sheet huge
once you set origin do you deal with sheet dimensions at all?
because yeah, thats some fucked up shit they dont put you like 1/3 the way up and over
k time for failout

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kevtris: can you hide layers? in terms of selection scope (dunno if thats the same as visibility)
maybe just hide everything except outline
then select and move, shouldnt hit any selection limit
board outline is such a grey area
no standard at all
i usually just send as a gerber, they dont seem to mind even if they ask for dxf or something stupid
what if you move the lower edge points negative
and reset origin
you cant enter commands with cmdline or some shit?
so you have working coordinates
and then sheet coordinates

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oh you didnt do like edit > select all or crtl+a?
man i didnt think select all was so open to interpretation
well pick the ones that selects all the select alls
shit like this is why i dont mind light pcb editors
outline you can move in a diff step tho, right?
oh your shit isnt a box?
find the select all that only does outlines, heh
nice proc IDs

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kevtris: can you group shit?
maybe group all the things, move, ungroup
but i would think it would have the same selection buffer issues before grouping
but maybe its on crack and has different buffer limits
also there might be a special origin shift command
heh, bottom of page 3
looks like youre doing it the right way
board shape > move board shape' doesnt move to negative space?

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kevtris: you prob have to somehow enable selection of all layers or objects?
because translating all is pretty basic
right you prob have to modify a selection filter somewhere
or it has some sort of limit on number of selected objects
which sucks
heh, see if you can open the save files as text
is it scriptable?
so my guess is there is forum spam about this topic
because this is like a major show stopper
call them tomorrow
srs, you have a legit license, no?
call them
its maybe the way their forum/site is indexed
like if there is enough dynamic content, everything shows up everywhere in search engines

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wanted to put pizza. did not put pizza.

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there is a box for special housing requests

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i managed to wiggle my way into staying with exgf when i went up there to check out the labs, shops and projects
doesnt look like thats gonna work again
`nico: oh neat they do have on campus housing for $26
yeah, they dont say that in the email, theyre just like PAY HERE ALSO PARKING IS THIS MUCH

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dont want to spend so much but dont some whorebug hotel
like, chico is college town and lots of buildings are just very old, so sometimes shit is run down
culture is like, diverse college + n cali redneck
they prob use the dorms year round

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how did they let you down
i have orientation/registration thing in mid july
am totally paranoid about choosing hotels

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and really it only sucks at the 405, because there are only a few places to cross over, so you have to merge into the seething masses
southwest is awesome
wait youre flying instead of train?
im confused
i really like southwest
like, the attendant girls are usually way fun compared to expensive airlines
lots of jokes, usually in a good mood
and they dont trip on rescheduling early or being late

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like, if you try and drive out of LAX certain time a day, youre going to be stuck for a couple hours
10 doesnt move during rush
and most of the day its dense
so im saying, if you arrive during the day, like, 2 or 3 pm
you probably save time taking the flyaway to the valley (30-45min), rent a car, and drive where youre going
versus sitting in the middle of LA bitching about how LA is the worst place ever
as long as you dont have to cross the middle of LA, youre prob going to get there faster
and not be as pissed off
alternatively, you can use google maps to stop sign it across LA, avoiding all freeways and main streets
you will arrive fastest, but look like shit
like, if im coming from the north/west, i will PCH into santa monica
and then stop sign it across west LA to downtown or hollywood or wherever

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and burbank is neat, way quick and you get to walk around on the runway
walk past the engine all like, how do they keep me from getting sucked up
theres a tram
everyone says you cant take the green line to lax
but theres a tram or some shuttle that connects them
people bitch to much
but whatever because from the valley, you cant take the flyaway bus
and that shit is like straight from van nuys airport parking lot to LAX
$7 or something
always takes under an hour, bus uses some sort of teleportation tech to bypass traffic, very neat
yeah its getting to the airport
i would just rent a car in the valley to avoid having to drive from LAX to the valley during the day
like, if i was flying in and had business in the valley
or even anywhere in LA not downdown or in south LA
because you can 405 or canyon it to west LA
and shit like east LA and glendale and pasadena, you can 210 around the back

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<3 the redline btw, sad they dont keep it open later so you could get home from the shows on it
you walked like 2 or 3 miles
anyway, sounds like you hit the redline at the north hollywood or universal city station
oh shit there is a metrolink in burbank
yeah they use amtrak style trains
i didnt know it stopped in burbank i thought it went sun valley to glendale
if you ended up in compton you did something wrong, heh

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heh, prob to union station
along the coast, i think?
i did that when i was a little little kid, kind of want to try again
be cool now that i am familiar with most of the coast
so youre taking train then ??? to rental car or what?
or all your shit is magically located downtown
which would be awesome but statistically unlikely
haha, you just want to take the train?
i dont think there is commuter rail to burbank?
N hollywood maybe
the red line
it goes close, but it dont hit burbank
kind of just south of

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06:07:09 < timecop> is that evne possible
not at all =)

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blackmoon: haha, buttons = projected distance of light
that would be some impressive shit
photons with a TTL
or a forcefield that reflects on the inside

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blackmoon: i think theyre timer buttons
and judging from the wiring, directly connected to some smart light that has its own neutral connection

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i hear a click sometimes, i assume its the head parking
and mostly i think damage issues come from shock when unpowered with the head in the wrong place
usb drives are usually pretty good about shock
no i mean just once click as you unplug the usb
like once it realizes its unpowered the first thing it does is pull the heads off the platters
either that or they design the voicecoil so it pulls the arm back on power down situations

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prob not a great idea
so my understanding is that the heads float on an air cusion that is created by the spinning platter
if you stop the drive without parking the head you may crash it
which may or may not fuck the platter someplace where you have memory already stored
right, is why i stick qualifiers like 'may' in my answer
but new drives might be worse, the tolerances might be even tighter
tecan: pulling the sata connector might park the head
i dont see why the controller wouldnt be that smart

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thats really good on a big machine
i dont even want to know why you think itll do that =\

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that sounds dangerous

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zeeshan: so solution is just having gf bang on the machine while it cycles, no?

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